Picking a New Champion for Every WWE Belt

Max TowleAnalyst ISeptember 24, 2012

Picking a New Champion for Every WWE Belt

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    The WWE roster is stacked full of talent who no doubt feel within touching distance of hitting the big time, if only the top brass would put gold around their wastes.

    If Daniel Bryan's emergence at the end of last year and up until WrestleMania proved anything, it's that sometimes the potential rewards for crowning new champions can be immense.

    Here are five superstars who are poised for a title run at present, and deserving of a push in singles competition.

    *Note, the Tag Team Championship is excluded because of Daniel Bryan and Kane's recent triumph, and their sheer awesomeness.

Tyson Kidd, United States Championship

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    Yet to be really pushed off his own back, babyface Tyson Kidd has been slowly but surely moving up the WWE ranks of late.

    His fine Money in the Bank showing justified his place in the high-profile match, whilst his recent bouts with Tensai have been an enjoyable break from the norm.

    A one-time Tag Team champion, Kidd has yet to be given a significant shot in singles competition.

    A spell feuding with current U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro could be exactly what he needs to elevate his standing in the company to the next level.

Wade Barrett, WWE Championship

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    Now returned from an elbow injury that had kept him sidelined since February, Wade Barrett is back and raring to go in the WWE.

    Although it seems that top officials are being cautious with his current spell, Barrett is exactly the type of guy who won't let you down if given a major push.

    The British former bare-knuckle boxer has great in-ring skills and a dynamite, naturally villainous persona on the mic.

    Forget John Cena, Barrett should be next in line for the big one.

Kofi Kingston, Intercontinental Championship

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    Whilst I can understand the necessity of teaming Kofi Kingston with R-Truth to help revitalise the flagging tag team division, it is surely time for Kingston to get a push of his own.

    Though he has already held the Intercontinental Championship three times in his career, Kingston is nevertheless a guy who deserves a permanent place at the top of the midcard.

    The Miz may be a worthy champion for now, but Kofi would be an ideal feuding partner to carry into some of the biggest WWE pay-per-views later in the year.

Natalya, Divas Championship

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    Despite having been on the WWE roster for over four years, the talented Natalya has only held the Divas Championship once, her reign lasting for less than three months.

    The Canadian wrestler has been featured a lot more on our screens in the past few weeks, though that may have been partly due to the WWE's recent visit to her home country.

    But her fights have always been of a high technical standard, and her promo work has been far better than that of some of her rivals (*cough, Kaitlyn*).

    Is it time for another Hart Dynasty champion?

Dolph Ziggler, World Heavyweight Championship

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    As John Cena recently discovered, the Money in the Bank briefcase holds few guarantees for it's holder.

    But if Dolph Ziggler's triumph at the July 15 pay-per-view proved anything, it's that the WWE at least recognises his immense in-ring abilities.

    The "Show Off" may still be a little way off from dethroning Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship, but it is fair to say that he's next in line.


    Who do you think should be next in line for gold in the WWE?

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