Linda McMahon's WWE Past Subject of an Attack Ad Calling McMahon a Job Killer

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 24, 2012

The sequel to Linda McMahon's eventful Senate run of 2010 is beginning to turn ugly again, as Linda McMahon's political opponent—this time, the Democratic Super PAC Progress Connecticut—is beginning to take Linda McMahon to task and call into question her dicey past as WWE CEO.

The strategy proved to be successful in 2010, as that senate race reached its home stretch with then-opponent Richard Blumenthal relentlessly blasting McMahon over the litany of health and wellness issues she appeared to condone while serving as CEO of the world's premier wrestling company. 

Playing off of McMahon's accolades as a job creator while overseeing WWE, a strong suit that McMahon's campaign has emphasized throughout her senate run, Progress Connecticut's campaign ad, "Job Killer," chooses to focus on the lives that the Super PAC feels the WWE has destroyed under the Linda McMahon administration rather than the jobs that were created. 

The ad's central theme centers around the tragic events of 2007, when former decorated superstar Chris Benoit committed a double homicide before taking his own life, and features a clip of an interview with his father, Michael Benoit, as he recounts a disturbing conversation he had with his son over his drug use. 

Former WWE Superstar turned WWE thorn-in-the-side Chris Nowinski also has a cameo in which he strongly implies steroid use amongst celebrated Superstars Triple H and Batista.  

What has been a comparatively tame senate campaign, based on the proverbial dogfight that ensued two years ago, seems to finally be descending into "gloves off" mode, as Linda McMahon's opponents use seemingly endless ammunition with the hopes of a second failed senate run in an expensive political career.  

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