Joe Flacco Is Definitely Overrated

Bare KnucksAnalyst IMarch 5, 2009

By this point, we’ve all heard the hype surrounding Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco, the first rookie quarterback to win 2 playoff games. This statistic is a bit impressive, but it doesn’t exactly tickle my fancy. It is undeniably deceptive, as is the Ravens success with ‘Wacko Flacco’ at the helm. Posting an 11-5 record with the 4th toughest schedule in the league ( is hard to do for any QB leading his team, key phrase, ‘leading his team.’ The quarterback position in the NFL carries heavy importance, and a team’s QB routinely takes on the ‘leader of the team’ role. I typically agree that the quarterback is the leader of the team, but not in this case. The Ravens success this year has been a result of their unparalleled defensive play, not ‘Joe Cool,’ the nickname his teammates have given him.


Including the postseason, the unibrowed QB from Delaware College threw for 3,408 yards while tossing 15 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions, nothing too spectacular. Flacco averaged just under 180 yards per game, a pretty low YPG average for a QB. The fact is, there’s really not much to be impressed about with this man they call ‘Joe Cool.’ He is by no means a bad quarterback, but the talk that has been surrounding him is irritating. [Read more...]