Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals Game Recap: Stars and Duds

Professor BushCorrespondent IIISeptember 23, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals Game Recap: Stars and Duds

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    The Arizona Cardinals dominated the Philadelphia Eagles in all aspects of play and easily won the game, 27-6.

    The Eagles' revamped offensive line was totally ineffective in keeping pressure off Michael Vick. Vick was hit 20 times. No quarterback of his size can continue to take this pounding, so the clock is ticking louder and louder for the start of the Nick Foles era.

    The Eagles turned the ball over three times, bringing their season total to 12 in the first four games. A magic finish of the first two games was nowhere in sight today.

    So let's take a look at the stars and duds of the game.

Daryl Washington: Star No. 1

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    You would have thought that the Eagles would have remembered how the hit from Daryl Washington broke Michael Vick's ribs in the game last season. You would have thought that someone would have been given primary responsibility to block him: a back, a tight end...take your pick.

    But apparently not, so Washington was allowed to roam free and had another great day pressuring, hitting and sacking Michael Vick.

Kerry Rhodes: Star No. 2

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    Kerry Rhodes probably sealed the game for the Cardinals with two plays near the end of the first half.

    First he tackled DeSean Jackson on the 1-yard line and kept him from scoring. Then several plays later his sack of Michael Vick caused a fumble, which was returned 93 yards for a touchdown.

Larry Fitzerald: Star No. 3

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    Larry Fitzgerald always seems to save his best games for the Eagles, and Sunday was no different. The most memorable of these was the three touchdowns in the 2009 NFC Championship game.

    Today Fitzgerald had nine receptions and one touchdown, mostly in the first half when the Cards were building up their big lead.

Damaris Johnson: Star No. 4

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    Yes, I know that he fumbled a punt.

    But Damaris Johnson had a nice day in his first career NFL start. He caught five passes for 84 yards. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of big things for Johnson.

Officials: Duds No. 1

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    This is really getting absurd.

    At one point, the officials seemed to need almost four minutes to determine whether or not the Eagles were allowed to refuse an offensive holding penalty on a play where they sacked the quarterback.

    On another play, an official was within 10 yards and watched Patrick Peterson shove DeSean Jackson in the back and knock him off stride when he was streaking into the open downfield. He waved off any interference.

Marty Mornhinweg: Dud No. 2

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    When your quarterback is getting hit, hurried or sacked on every play, it's time to try something different. How about a few runs, a screen pass or some quick tosses to a tight end? Well, I suppose things that are obvious to the fans watching at home are not always so obvious to the offensive coordinator.

    But finally, after the Eagles fell behind 24-0, they finally started to run the ball in the third quarter. The result was two drives that resulted in field goals.

    So the question is: Why did it take two quarters of futility to figure this out? Please, someone who has the answer, leave a comment.