Washington Redskins...Please God...Don't Take a T.O.!

Sean WilsonCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

This is going to be the shortest, most emotionally driven article I've ever written.

It is simply a plea, as a lifelong, emotional invested 'Skins fan.

I beg you Danny...Vinny...on all that is holy...please do not bring this cancer into the hallowed grounds of Redskin Park. Please do not give my ticket money to this No. 81..."Bizarro Art Monk" (that means he is the exact opposite of the awesomeness that is Art Monk for all you Cowboy fans).  

He is a plague...an evil, sad, twisted hot mess that while easily one of the most talented football players ever, will erode the one thing Redskin fans have in their team.  PRIDE!

Consider this a petition! If you agree...

If you disagree...chime in!  One thing we all know...Danny's thinking about it after the Cowgirl's announced Terrell Owen's release from Dallas.