NFL Hot Seat: Gauging Every Head Coach's Status After Week 3

Ryan Riddle@@Ryan_RiddleCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2012

NFL Hot Seat: Gauging Every Head Coach's Status After Week 3

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    Week 3 in the NFL was a wild one that saw questionable penalties, unbelievable fourth-quarter comebacks, three games decided by overtime, Hail Mary passes and stunning upsets.

    This truly was a week of exciting action and unpredictable outcomes that both hurt and helped the job security of several coaches around the league.

    When you consider that the average tenure of an NFL head coach is about 3.25 years, it becomes clear that things change fast in this league. That is why the hot seat needs to be updated every week.

    Here's a temperature reading, from Hot to Warm to Room Temperature to Cool to Cozy, for every head coach in the NFL.

Chan Gailey

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    Last Week: Warm

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    Chan Gailey managed to go from Hot two weeks ago to Room Temperature this week.

    The Week 1 blowout loss to the New York Jets seems like a distant memory, as Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills offense have looked explosive and efficient, thanks largely to the amazing performance of former first-round draft pick C.J Spiller, who was knocked out of Sunday's win over Cleveland with a shoulder injury.

    But Gailey isn’t completely comfortable in Buffalo just yet. We all remember what happened in the second half of last season when the Bills completely imploded.

    At the moment, Gailey has hit a temporary ceiling on his job security until his team can demonstrate the ability to finish the season strong.

Jason Garrett

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    Last Week: Hot

    After Week 3: Warm

    A key win over a young and talented Buccaneers squad has eased some of the tension in Big D. Jason Garrett showed the ability to rebound from a tough loss to the Seahawks but must show consistency by stringing together consecutive wins if he hopes to take Jerry Jones’ finger off the trigger.

    One of the major issues for Garrett beyond his record is the perception that he’s too passive and afraid to really take control of the egos in the Dallas locker room. After all, some men make better coordinators than they do head coaches.

    For the time being, Garrett has managed to stay afloat. His narrow victory on Sunday may have bought him enough time to prove he can cut it as the head honcho of America’s Team.

Joe Philbin

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    Joe Philbin lost a close one at home to the Jets, but more significant than the loss might be the injury to Reggie Bush, who left the game with a left knee injury. Without Bush moving the chains for Miami, rookie Ryan Tannehill will be asked to do a lot more.

    Unfortunately, this will likely expose Philbin's poor decision to start the inexperienced quarterback over two more experienced and capable quarterbacks in David Garrard and Matt Moore.

    Tension in Miami has been building since Bill Parcells took a less active role as a consultant and general manager Jeff Ireland assumed full command in September of 2010. Lack of success on the field and an inability to recruit key free agents have put Ireland on a short leash.

    This could also limit the time and patience given to Philbin, considering he was hand-picked by Ireland.

    If Tannehill fails to show promise this year and the Dolphins struggle to be competitive, both Philbin and Ireland could find themselves standing in the unemployment line by year’s end.  

    Sunday’s loss was anybody’s ballgame. A missed field goal by Dan Carpenter in overtime proved to be the difference. This display of fight and promise proved enough to keep Philbin’s job status stable, at least for the moment.

Tom Coughlin

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Cool

    An impressive Thursday night win against the Panthers despite a banged-up roster was huge for the Giants' season and big enough to cool down Tom Coughlin's coaching seat for the second week in a row.

    Coughlin has been a fantastic coach late in the season for the Giants, but his teams have struggled in September and October in recent years. Racking up victories in these early months is what he needs to show ownership that this squad can perform at a high level even when their backs are not against the wall.

    But given his age (66) and his questionable history with player relations, don't expect his seat to get Cozy any time during the regular season. He will at least need to go deep into the playoffs for that status to be warranted.

Bill Belichick

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    Last Week: Cozy 

    After Week 3: Cozy 

    It was a close and controversial loss for Bill Belichick and the Patriots Sunday night, ending with a questionable field goal by the Ravens. When the game ended, Belichick ran after a ref and attempted to grab him. Apparently, even Belichick was missing tackles in this game.

    But job security shouldn't be an issue in this town for a while.

    My words from last week are just as applicable today, so I'll just post them again: No coach in the NFL has more job security than Bill Belichick.

    He likely will coach the Patriots for as long as he wishes, which at this point could be for a long time.

    Belichick sets the bar for all other active coaches in the NFL and has acquired complete control over football operations in New England.

    He would have to spit in the face of Robert Kraft on national television and steal his girlfriend to lose his job at this point. Even then, Belichick might be kept around. He's that good. More importantly, he's that successful.

Andy Reid

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    Last Week: Hot

    After Week 3: Hot

    I had Andy Reid listed on the hot seat with a 2-0 record, which should put the type of pressure he's under in perspective. Michael Vick may have vowed to save Reid's job, but you never would have guessed it by the way he has turned the ball over so far.

    Following a blowout loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, it doesn't look good for Reid.

    Some may choose to blame Vick or the under-performing defense over the last two years. However, Reid has been the mastermind behind just about all the key decisions, including a pass-happy offense that puts Vick at risk of both injury and turnovers and the odd hiring of Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator despite no previous NFL experience on that side of the ball.

    These moves are what have created the situation in Philadelphia, a situation that can be summed up by turnovers and underachieving athletes.

    Reid's seat is red-hot right now, and his job is all but lost should the Eagles fall out of playoff contention.

Rex Ryan

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    Mark "Sanchize" has now finished two consecutive games completing less than 50 percent of his passes. The ground-and-pound style the Jets hoped to implement has been all but abandoned.

    But at least the Jets have a top-20 defense as usual, right? Wrong. The Jets D is ranked 21st overall, yet they've managed to win two of their first three games.

    This should all translate into good news, and it does. But there is bad news, as the best cornerback in the league is now lost for the season. Darrelle Revis left the game Sunday with a left knee injury, and an MRI on Monday confirmed a season-ending ACL tear.

    Ryan may not be winning the way he envisioned, but they are wins nonetheless. He still has 13 games to improve his team's execution, but these early wins, although sloppy, will prove extremely important heading down the stretch.

    With the circus-like atmosphere surrounding the Jets organization, a 2-1 record, good ticket sales and front-page media coverage should keep Ryan's job safe for the time being.

Mike Shanahan

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    Last Week: Cool

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    Mike Shanahan lost a nail-biter Sunday to a talented Bengals squad. This makes two close losses in a row, which can frustrate owners and fans alike.

    This is not a season in which owner Dan Snyder will tolerate a losing record. Snyder has to be growing tired of life at the bottom of the NFC East. One more year of this could spell trouble for Shanahan.

    With that said, the growing rapport between rising NFL star Robert Griffin III and his head coach is not to be underestimated. It would take a pretty poor season to get Shanahan fired. I don't see that as a likely scenario.

    But if the Redskins are scraping the bottom of the division by Week 12, expect Shanahan to at least be on the hot seat.

John Harbaugh

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    Last Week: Cozy

    After Week 3: Cozy

    Harbaugh and the Ravens rebounded from a disappointing loss against the Eagles by making history Sunday night, posting their first regular-season win against the Patriots.

    This was an emotionally charged game for the Ravens and a huge boost for player morale as they continue to fight without reigning defensive MVP Terrell Suggs.

    Winning nearly 69 percent of his regular-season games over four years, Harbaugh’s job status is stable and will be unaffected by the outcome of any one game this season.

Lovie Smith

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    With Brian Urlacher fading away with age and injury, an injured Matt Forte, an offensive line that can't protect against a four-man rush, an embarrassing loss to division rival Green Bay and a leader who's losing his patience, the Bears could have been on the verge of a locker-room meltdown reminiscent of the 2011 Jets.

    Fortunately for Lovie Smith, the Bears bounced back Sunday with a convincing 23-6 win over the St Louis Rams.

    That victory righted the ship in Chicago and put the brakes on panic talk for another week. Smith has managed to field a consistently competitive team and is not in any immediate danger of being on the hot seat.

    However, should signs emerge that his locker room is out of control, that could change quickly for Smith and his Bears.

Marvin Lewis

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    The Bengals appear to be opening up the playbook a lot more these days, and Andy Dalton has solidified his role as the franchise quarterback.

    Perhaps this is largely the result of solid game-planning by offensive coordinator Jay Gruden.

    @ryan_riddle Jay Gruden called a great game.

    — Joe Goodberry (@JoeGoodberry) September 23, 2012

    If Cincinnati can improve its banged-up and questionable defense, it should be in good position to compete in the notoriously tough AFC North.

    Only Andy Reid and Bill Belichick have coached their current teams longer than Marvin Lewis has coached the Bengals.

    He has been given a lot of time to create a champion. But his window of opportunity will be closing soon if the Bengals fail to improve on last year's success.

    For now, his seat remains unchanged. The Bengals are in fairly good shape heading into the fourth week of the season.

Jim Schwartz

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    So what was more noteworthy on Sunday, an amazing fourth-quarter Lions comeback to send the game into overtime, or a terrible coaching decision to go for it in a 4th-and-inches situation when the Lions were in position to kick a field goal and tie the game? (Jim Schwartz later said the intent was to draw the defense offsides.)

    Well, in regard to Schwartz's job security, the terrible play call could loom heavily over the 2012 season and may be the beginning of the end for his tenure in Detroit.

    Overreacting aside, this loss wasn't enough to push the temperature gauge in a negative direction. The Lions seem to believe in what Schwartz is doing, but he needs a win next week, or he will likely find his seat warm for the first time this year.

    Both coach Jim Schwartz and QB Shaun Hill took the blame for the miscommunication on the final play in interviews after the game.

    — Tim Twentyman (@ttwentyman) September 23, 2012

    Detroit's defense, in the its last five games, has allowed 14 touchdowns passes with one interception.

    — Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) September 24, 2012

Pat Shurmur

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    Last Week: Warm

    After Week 3: Hot

    I mentioned last week that Cleveland's first two losses were hard-fought and competitive and could be a sign of a brighter future for this rebuilding franchise. But this description does not apply to Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills.

    That loss has pushed Pat Shurmur into dangerous territory. He is now on the hot seat.

    Things don't get any easier for the Browns, who face the Ravens on Thursday night. An 0-4 start appears imminent and could result in a short-lived residency for Shurmur in Ohio if victories don't come soon.

Mike McCarthy

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    Last Week: Cozy

    After Week 3: Cozy

    Week 1’s loss to the 49ers was not a good way to start the season, but rest assured, McCarthy’s seat is far from hot. Getting the NFC North win against the Bears was a nice way to bounce back and keep Packer fans from hitting the panic button.

    McCarthy has proven to be a fantastic coach over the last seven years, and it would take a whole lot more than a home-opening loss to change his job-security status.

    Mike’s seat remains quite cozy, and the Packers should use last week's game as an opportunity to grow as a team. A full team effort will be critical against the much-improved Seahawks Monday night.

    The Packers are still the team to beat in the NFL and can compete against any team in the league. Much of the team's recent success is due to McCarthy.

Mike Tomlin

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    Last Week: Cozy

    After Week 3: Cool

    A battered and bruised Steelers team came into Oakland Sunday to face the 0-2 Raiders without several key pieces. But the Steelers have been plugging in bodies and pulling out wins for years, so you would have imagined this would be a winnable game regardless.

    Unfortunately, that was not the case, as Pittsburgh dropped its second game and has looked rather mortal in the process.

    Many expect this to be somewhat of a down year for Pittsburgh, but even that's relative. Winning records are commonplace for the Steelers. One thing the great teams are able to do is find a way to win. The Steelers have been one of those teams for a long time.

    However, this may be the year they find themselves without a playoff spot.

    Either way, Tomlin will return as coach, and the Steelers are only a few pieces away from contention. That minimizes the fact that Tomlin is the first coach to fall from his Cozy status. But there is plenty of time for Tomlin to be sitting pretty again.

Leslie Frazier

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    Last Week: Hot

    After Week 3: Warm

    My, how fast perceptions in the NFL change. This is what I wrote about Leslie Frazier last week:

    Frazier's opportunity in Minnesota is coming to an end. Unless there is a miraculous turnaround, I can't imagine him returning as the head coach of this football team in 2013.

    Well, the miraculous happened Sunday, as the Vikings executed a masterful strategy against the 49ers by beating them at their own game. Frazier deserves a lot of credit for this win by putting his players in a position to succeed.

    The Vikings also impressed by showing passion and determination against perhaps the league's most feared defense.

    This big win improved Frazier's record to 2-1 and takes him off the hot seat for at least a few weeks. The question now becomes, is Minnesota the real deal?

Gary Kubiak

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    Last Week: Cozy

    After Week 3: Cozy

    Gary Kubiak has slowly built a Super Bowl-caliber team in Houston, and this year's team appears to have its best chance yet for the ultimate trophy. At 3-0, the Texans are now the last undefeated team in the AFC and have won each game convincingly by leaving little to chance.

    Kubiak’s system and style of coaching have been invaluable to the Texans' success, so don't expect any move to replace him any time soon.

    Kubiak earned his 50th career win with the Texans on Sunday and is sitting comfy at the moment. Given the team’s consistent improvement through the years, Kubiak has bought himself a lot of leeway for an NFL head coach. His seat is cozy.

Mike Smith

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    Last Week: Cozy

    After Week 3: Cozy

    Coach Mike Smith has never had a losing season during his tenure in Atlanta.

    In four years of calling the shots, he had won 67 percent of his games and brought a level of consistent success that the Falcons organization has never had before.

    Smith and the Falcons completely dominated the 2-0 Chargers Sunday in a 27-3 shellacking that left many wondering how good Atlanta can really be. It seems for now the answer is very good.

    Expectations are rising for excited fans in the "Dirty Dirty," which is a good sign for Smith, whose focus now is on taking Atlanta to the next level by winning playoff games and getting to the Super Bowl.

    There’s no sign that Smith is on a short leash. He should have plenty of room to see this team to the pinnacle of its growth and potential.

    His job is stable, regardless of next week's outcome.

Chuck Pagano

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    One win is not a large enough body of work to judge Chuck Pagano, who is just getting started at Indy.

    In all likelihood, he should remain in the room-temperature range for the duration of his inaugural season as head coach. However, if he ends up racking up a ton of victories in what's supposed to be a rebuilding year, we may have to cool that seat down a notch or two, which is not to say that it's hot at the moment.

    I spent time with Pagano in Oakland when he was the Raiders' defensive backs coach, and he seemed to be a low-key, low-risk type of guy. Some may question whether he was too conservative Sunday against the Jaguars in a close loss to a team that had yet to win a game.

    @ryan_riddle Colts' Pagano/Arians too conservative with the #1 overall pick, took foot off gas, paid the price

    — LovinBlue (@LovinBlue) September 23, 2012

Ron Rivera

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Warm

    It's hard to imagine an accomplished defensive coordinator such as Ron Rivera as the head coach of a team that played such terrible defense Thursday night against the Giants, giving up 36 points to a team that was missing its best running back and wide receiver.

    The Panthers looked trapped in a schematic bubble, unable to take advantage of the Giants' weaknesses offensively and defensively. It seemed as though Carolina only prepares to play one style of football regardless of matchups and opponents, a tendency that will not produce consistent results in a league where the talent level between teams is so even.

    Rivera and the Panthers are now 1-2 and have the 24th-ranked defense in the NFL. This team clearly has not yet developed a winning attitude, and that's a direct reflection of the head coach.

    Rivera should be feeling the warmth underneath his seat. He needs to step it up if he hopes to return in 2013.

Mike Mularkey

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    Mike Mularkey's job is fairly stable at the moment, considering this is his first season with the Jaguars. He got his first win Sunday in a hard-fought battle against the Colts.

    The Jags are a few plays away from being 2-1, and they should be excited about the much-improved play of second-year QB Blaine Gabbert. He was drafted to be the quarterback of the future, and his success may decide how long Mularkey can enjoy the Florida sun.

    Mularkey needs to coach a few more games before we can accurately gauge his job status.

Sean Payton

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    Last Week: Cozy

    After Week 3: Cozy

    Sean Payton's importance to the Saints is becoming more evident after each disappointing loss. The team is clearly lacking its mastermind after Payton was suspended for the season. The Saints are running around like an unpolished version of themselves.

    This is the irony of Payton's hot-seat update. He is best served by a poor display by the Saints, exactly the type of play we have seen for two consecutive weeks.

    Considering Payton may be the second-most important person in the franchise behind only Drew Brees, the Saints may want to begin negotiating a contract extension for him as soon as possible.

    Not only are the Saints 0-3, but the teams that have beat them are 0-6 against everyone else.

    — Gabe Feldman (@SportsLawGuy) September 23, 2012

Mike Munchak

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    Last Week: Warm

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    Mike Munchak and the Titans earned a much-needed win Sunday, barely edging the Detroit Lions in a  roller-coaster overtime game.

    Chris Johnson has continued to struggle, while Jake Locker has flashed a lot of promise in offensive coordinator Chris Palmer's pass-oriented attack, which is focused more on spreading out defenses than creating running lanes.

    This fate of this offensive approach could decide Munchak's future. If Palmer fails to produce an effective offense, Munchak could end up on the hot seat sooner than many may have expected.

    For the time being, Munchak can bask in the glory of his victory while sitting relatively comfortable in his coaching seat. To his credit, Munchak has managed more success in his first 19 games than I would have expected, given the roster he inherited and the general perception of the Titans as a team rebuilding from the ground up.

Greg Schiano

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    Greg Schiano's Bucs already have proven that they are talented and will fight, scratch and claw 'til the final whistle, and do it without apologizing. With that said, they need to pull off some victories soon, or else Schiano will be feeling the heat.

    This is not a team generally looked upon as one that needs a lot of time to rebuild. The Buccaneers may be one of the younger squads in the league, but they also are extremely talented, with three promising rookies in Mark Barron, Doug Martin and Lavonte David. They also brought in high-profile free-agent wideout Vincent Jackson to be the go-to receiver.

    After three games Tampa Bay is dead last in total offense and 26th in defense. If this continues much longer, somebody will have to answer for it. Naturally, that will be the head coach, whose job security could be compromised before completing a full season as the man in charge.

John Fox

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    Last Week: Cool

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    Despite consecutive losses, it isn't time to panic yet in Denver. John Fox and Peyton Manning are a work in progress, and I still see the Broncos as the favorites to win the AFC West.

    Fox's seat is definitely more cool than it is hot, even though he was demoted to Room Temperature after Sunday's loss to the Houston Texans. John Elway has expressed a ton of support for his coach, but he also has a reputation for speaking as positively as he can without lying.

    Just look at the way he dealt with the Tim Tebow situation last year. Elway supported Tebow as best as he could without believing in him. Fox could be next in line, but only if the Broncos fail to make the playoffs.

    With the addition of Manning, expectations are extremely high in Denver.

    Fox’s squad would have to implode for him to be in trouble. At the same time, he hasn’t proven nearly enough in Denver to allow this hole to get much deeper.

    This is the first time Fox's status has changed, but he should be safe from Warm for at least a while. A win next week and he'll likely be feeling Cool again.

Ken Whisenhunt

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    Last Week: Cool

    After Week 3: Cozy

    I struggled to not get carried away and declare Whisenhunt's seat "cozy" after an impressive upset over the New England Patriots in Week 2. Then the Cardinals went ahead and completely dismantled the 2-0 Eagles in convincing fashion on Sunday, and I had to look hard to find a reason not to give him a status upgrade.

    Even when I factor in Whisenhunt's key role in bringing in Kevin Kolb and signing him to a hefty free-agent contract, a move that has contributed greatly to the organization's recent struggles, I have to then keep in mind that Kolb has won three straight games and has a passer rating of better than 100.

    The Cardinals are a solid defensive team but are next to last in the NFL offensive rankings. Yet they've started the season by beating three teams they had no business competing against.

    The preseason was a great cause of concern for Cardinal fans. Watching their offensive line fall apart was scary and gave little hope for anytime in the near future.

    But for now, Whisenhunt can remain nice and Cozy as head coach as we sit back and see how many more games his team can pull off like the first three.

    Whisenhunt has maxed out his job security for this season, and it's well deserved considering the recent Super Bowl appearance, the late surge last season and the 3-0 start in 2012.

    Whisenhunt is the first coach this season to get an upgrade from Cool to Cozy.

    Silver lining to ARI-PHI drubbing is it decidedly ends insanity of the JohnSkelton era. Though that was still a dismissible decision by Whis

    — Jeff Roemer (@JeffRoemer) September 23, 2012

Jeff Fisher

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    Last Week: Cool

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    Jeff Fisher's Rams followed up a hard-fought win over the Redskins with an abysmal performance in their loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday. They were held to a pathetic 160 yards of offense while Sam Bradford was sacked six times. Offensive line play has been troubling for the last two years in St. Louis and may lead to their demise this season.

    Fisher must keep the Rams competitive, or he may end up on on a tight leash in 2013.

    Luckily, the Rams have their franchise QB in Bradford and can build around him for the next 10 years. All indications seem to point toward Fisher being a big part of that process, so his "hot-seat status" will remain relatively safe.

Romeo Crennel

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    Last Week: Hot

    After Week 3: Warm

    The Chiefs organization expects immediate success in Kansas City, given the obvious talent that makes up the roster. Anything less than that could cost Romeo Crennel his job.

    Back-to-back losses heated up Crennel's seat heading into the Chiefs' third game. Considering the way they were blown out both times, Crennel was coaching this week in a seat that was burning all the way to the ground.

    The last thing you want to see from a team with the talent level of Kansas City is losses that aren’t even competitive, and this is what we saw for two weeks. But apparently, Crennel and the Chiefs stepped it up against a New Orleans team that's been struggling itself.

    After fighting and scratching for four quarters, Kansas City was able to secure a much-needed victory that might have saved its season, not to mention the head coach's job.

    Still, at this point, it seems a winning record is the only outcome that can save Crennel's job for 2013.

    As of right now, his seat is very Warm and only a loss away from getting back to Hot.

Jim Harbaugh

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    Last Week: Cozy

    After Week 3: Cozy

    Jim Harbaugh was out-coached Sunday by Leslie Frazier in a disappointing upset loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Perhaps the 49ers still need to learn how to handle being the team to beat. The Vikings played inspired football against the Super Bowl favorites and beat them at their own game.

    Alex Smith looked more like the guy we had come to know over the years, which is not to say he was terrible, but he sure didn't look like a top-10 quarterback.

    Regardless, Harbaugh's job status remains unchanged. Getting the 49ers to the NFC championship game last year in his first season as head coach and, more importantly, creating a distinct identity for his team as a tough group with an old-school mentality has him completely safe.

    Harbaugh’s turnaround of the organization and general style of coaching are hard to ignore. He will have to endure a series of terrible losses for anything to change in his status this year.

    Expect a fired-up 49ers squad next week against the Jets as they get a chance to learn from their arrogance and improve upon an already promising situation.

Dennis Allen

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    Last Week: Warm

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    The last thing Raiders fans want to endure is another season known as the most dysfunctional team in the NFL. This group looked to be headed in that direction before winning big at home Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The good news is the Raiders looked like they were playing smart, disciplined football and fought for four quarters.

    Dennis Allen's adjustments in secondary personnel and his effective use of Darren McFadden were the keys to victory. This win should help the Raiders buy into Allen's philosophy.

    The Raiders are now 1-2, but regardless of the record, Allen will be judged on his ability to make the team competitive in every game while showing improvement as the season progresses.

    His job status will be more reflective of this premise rather than wins and losses.

    BIG STEP: Raiders played disciplined. EVEN BIGGER STEP: Raiders used another team's lack of discipline to win the game.

    — Christopher Hansen (@ChrisHansenNFL) September 24, 2012

Pete Carroll

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    Last Week: Room Temperature

    After Week 3: Room Temperature

    The Seahawks seem ready to contend for the playoffs this year, and Pete Carroll is proving more than willing to do what it takes to get them there, even if it means benching the big free-agent QB acquisition in favor of the shrimpy third-round rookie because of his impressive play in the preseason.

    Carroll has also built perhaps the league's most fearsome secondary.

    As long as Seattle wins more than it loses, Carroll should be fairly safe for at least a few more years. If the Seahawks happen to beat the Packers on Monday night, Carroll will experience an increase in job security. But if they lose a close, competitive game, his status will remain unchanged.

    An embarrassing blowout on Monday is practically the only way Carroll could suffer a demotion heading into Week 4.

Norv Turner

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    Last Week: Hot

    After Week 3: Hot

    Norv Turner’s job is all but lost despite winning his first two games of the season.

    The only way he can keep his job at this point is if he gets to an AFC championship game; anything less and it’s adios, Mr. Turner. But if the Chargers can keep winning games, there is a good chance his seat could cool down before long.

    As of right now, the seat doesn’t get much hotter for a head coach who is 2-1, unless your name is Andy and you live in Philadelphia. Turner has nearly worn out his welcome in San Diego and was only retained after last season because of desperate pleas by Philip Rivers, who lobbied heavily to give him one last chance.

    Unfortunately for Smith, this is a make-or-break year for him as well, and it all hinges on Turner.

    Just making the playoffs won't cut it in San Diego this year. The organization has completely lost its patience and is all but set for a complete overhaul from the top down.

    This means that even if the Chargers play in a playoff game this year, Turner's status will likely be either "Hot" or "Warm" heading into that game. Should he fail to win a playoff game, we should assume there will be a head coaching vacancy in San Diego.