TNA: Will the Leader of Aces and Eights Be Revealed at Bound for Glory?

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IISeptember 23, 2012

Austin Aries holds up his TNA Heavyweight belt to the camera. (Photo credit:
Austin Aries holds up his TNA Heavyweight belt to the camera. (Photo credit:

TNA's Bound For Glory is arriving in just a few weeks and with the company set to embark on its biggest pay-per-view of 2012, the biggest question that has raised eyebrows is will the leader of Aces and Eights finally be revealed?

On Impact! Wrestling, viewers have gotten some teases on who might be associated with one of professional wrestling's biggest heel groups. At first, James Storm seemed like a potential candidate but that was squashed when Aces and Eights attacked him. Bobby Roode was another strong candidate but again, Aces and Eights went after him too in the ring.

Another wrestler that could have made a strong leader of the group was Bully Ray. Ray is the best heel figure in professional wrestling today because of his bully attitude, strong wrestling skills and not to mention a terrific speaker on the microphone.

Ray, who once was one of TNA's biggest faces when partnering with Devon, is enjoying the best success he has had in his career as a singles wrestler. However, Ray is out of the picture as the leader of Aces and Eights.

Who else can lead Aces and Eights? Below are a list of potential wrestlers and managers that could be qualified to lead the group and be revealed at Bound For Glory.


Jeff Jarrett

 Jarrett has been off of TNA television since he was fired by then general manager Sting earlier in 2012. Throughout his career, Jarrett has played a strong heel and his abilities shined when he was part of the Immortal fraction last year.

However, after weeks of watching Aces and Eights build up, Jarrett just doesn't fit the puzzle to lead the group. He is a very good candidate to think of right off the bat, but it would be very random to see him be revealed unless TNA has a creative way to come up as to why Jarrett is behind Aces and Eights.


Eric Bischoff

 Don't be too shocked to see Bischoff's face pop up at Bound for Glory. Bischoff is one of the best when it comes to managing a heel group with his microphone skills. Bischoff leading Aces and Eights could be used as his attempt to once again gain control of TNA Wrestling. It can be tied into the story line and teased about heavily right before Bound For Glory


Chris Masters

 Masters could fit the bill to lead Aces and Eights. Masters brings some star power from his work in the WWE and because he is not on the TNA roster, his appearance would bring a new heel into the company.


Matt Morgan

 Although this is a long shot, Morgan's name could also be thrown into the bag. Morgan is another wrestler who has been off of TNA television for months. His return to the company could create some impact by starting out as the leader of Aces and Eights. This would be a different, out of the ballpark approach by TNA, but could be used effectively. 


Austin Aries

 Aries is a pure, natural heel figure. Although the TNA Heavyweight champion has impressed with his new face run, Aries would send shock waves by turning heel and joining Aces and Eights. With his match coming up against Jeff Hardy, this is an opportunity TNA may want to look at but must be extremely cautious about.

Bound For Glory could finally be the moment when viewers will see who is behind Aces and Eights.