St. Louis Rams: Week 3, Brian Quick Is on the Inactive List

David HeebCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2012

So far, Brian Quick has failed to make an impact as a rookie.
So far, Brian Quick has failed to make an impact as a rookie.Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Brian Quick, the No. 33 overall pick in last year's draft, is on the inactive list today as the St. Louis Rams take on the Chicago Bears. The Rams had one of the worst passing offenses in the NFL last year, and they drafted Quick, a 6'3" wide receiver out of Appalachian State, with the hope that he would help their anemic passing game.

So far, Quick is stuck on zero catches as a pro.

To be fair, it's really tough for a rookie receiver to make a huge impact. There have been a couple of rookies to have an impressive game (Stephen Hill, Alshon Jeffery), only to come back the following week and get shut down. Even Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions—the best receiver in the NFL—struggled as a rookie receiver (48 catches, 748 yards, four touchdowns and only started 10 games).

So, it's too early to hit the panic button. Brian Quick still has time to be a dominant receiver.

Having said that, Quick needs to take a look around. All of these receivers who are playing ahead of him are young, hungry and also trying to prove themselves. They're not going anywhere. At some point, Brian Quick is going to have to leapfrog somebody on the depth chart.

Danny Amendola (26 years old) and Brandon Gibson (25 years old) are the starters. Steve Smith (27 years old) is trying to get his career back on track after suffering a couple of major injuries. Austin Pettis (24 years old) was a third-round pick last year, and knows he is fighting to keep his job. Fellow rookie Chris Givens (22 years old), a fourth-round pick, is already ahead of Quick on the depth chart.

It doesn't matter that the Rams spent a high draft pick on Brian Quick. Go ask Donnie Avery—who was also the No. 33 overall pick in the draft—what happens when you don't produce.

I hope Quick takes his lumps and works hard in practice. Sam Bradford needs him. The Rams need him.

As always, thanks for reading.