WWE News: John Morrison's Twitter Account Hacked

Gone Baby GoneContributerSeptember 23, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

I think there is a bit of a trend going on here.

As less than 24 hours after John Cena's Twitter account was hacked, former WWE star John Morrison is reporting a similar hack to his account.

Morrison took to Twitter early Sunday morning with the following:



According to a comment posted by Deborah Williams on the Cena story, the tweet said: "All it said was, “Best diet pill to lose 30 pounds in 1 month!" & it had some link attached". Now, I am uncertain what Morrison's stated, but it appears the hackers for Cena were the same as "The Prince of Parkour's". The biggest difference was they used the Direct Messaging service for JoMo and went public with Cena's account.

Either way, it's a bit disappointing to see that these hacks were so boring.  I, for one, like to see a bit of humor behind a hack.  Ultimately, Twitter hackers are not fun for the people that have been hacked, but if is done right it could be a bit humorous for the followers.

I am sure both Cena and Morrison have taken extra precaution to ensure that this doesn't happen again. Especially in Morrison's case, as he has utilized Twitter to it's fullest to promote new projects and appearances.

In the end, I have yet to see a hacked account cause damage to the celebrity's career.  Ultimately, it appears to be more of a nuisance than a career-ender.  Overall, when things like this happen, it's just a reminder of how vulnerable high profile stars are when it comes to social media or any account on the web in general.

If anything, it provides a reminder that we must all protect our passwords to avoid things like this from happening in the future.