Benavidez vs. Johnson: What We Learned from Their UFC 152 Matchup

Cody GuinnContributor IIISeptember 23, 2012

Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

In a historic moment in UFC history, the UFC flyweight championship was awarded for the first time. 

In a five-round battle that was fought at probably the fastest pace in UFC history, Demetrious Johnson was crowned the first-ever UFC flyweight champion by split decision.

Here is what we learned from the inaugural flyweight championship fight in the UFC.

What we'll remember about this fight:

The speed of the fight was just ridiculous. Both men were just a blur at times, which was exciting for me, but for some in attendance, it made the fight seem boring as indicated by the loud booing heard at different times in the fight. Oh, and the fact that we crowned the first ever UFC flyweight champion.

What we learned about Demetrious Johnson:

Demetrious Johnson is always improving and is just a cardio machine. If there was any question that he isn't, Johnson demonstrated his improvement and fitness by landing back-to-back takedowns in the fifth round after both men had been going 100 miles per hour in the previous four rounds. 

What we leaned about Joseph Benavidez:

No question Benavidez has power and a great guillotine, but UFC 152 showed that Benavidez doesn't quite have the gas tank or speed that Johnson has. But, c'mon...who does? 

What's next for Johnson:

Next for the new UFC flyweight champion will likely be the winner of the October bout between John Dodson and Jussier da Silva.

What's next for Benavidez:

Benavidez will likely work his way to another title shot, but first he'll have to fight another good opponent. Look for Benavidez to be matched with Chris Cariaso or possibly even Ian McCall next.