Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

Cody Guinn@@CKissGuinnContributor IIISeptember 23, 2012

Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

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    The next UFC 152 bout will be a middleweight clash between top contenders Michael Bisping and Brian Stann.

    Both men will be looking for an impressive win to earn a shot at the UFC Middleweight Championship and all-time great Anderson Silva.

    Stay tuned to the article for analysis of each round throughout the bout.

Round 1

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    Both men are out and ready to go. I don't know about you, but this is the fight I'm looking forward to the most.

    Stann comes out quickly, as both men throw a few filler punches.

    Bisping gets the clinch and pushes Stann up against the cage and works some short punches and knees.

    They break clean. Both men swinging and missing on some overhands. Bisping leaves his chin up and gets caught, but he follows up with a nice jab.

    Bisping shoots for a takedown and works hard, but can't get it, as Stann defends. Bisping pushes Stann up against the cage once again and hits a nice elbow, but Stann counters with some nice punches on the break.

    The two trade some kicks and Stann gets caught with a low blow. Stann takes no break and goes back at it. The two men trade some nice punches, but Bisping gets caught with a low blow. Bisping takes a short break and is ready to go.

    Both men touch and come back to the center of the Octagon.

    Nice inside leg kicks by Bisping followed by a missed overhand, as the referee continues to warn both men about their fingers.

    Another takedown attempt by Bisping stuffed by Stann, who attacks with a huge right hand that rocks Bisping, but the round ends with both men tied up.

    Close round.

Round 2

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    Bisping comes out and throws a stiff jab. Stann counters with a leg kick, but eats a punch from Bisping.

    Big shoot by Bisping, who then picks Stann up off the ground and slams him down into side control.

    Bisping lands some short punches, but Stann is able to reverse position and get top position into Bisping's guard. Very nice by Brian Stann.

    Stann works some short punches, as Bisping attempts to control the wrist of Stann. Stann complains of a thumb to the eye, according to Joe Rogan, as both men return to the feet. Bisping again pushes Stann up against the cage in a clinch, but soon after, they break.

    Bisping lands another good jab while Stann lands an inside leg kick. Stann throws a big overhand that just misses, but follows up with a kick that lands.

    Mouse forming under the eye of Stann. Bisping again shoots and lifts Stann up off the ground and finishes with a slam into side control.

    Bisping works a kimura as the round comes to a close.

    That round goes to Bisping.

Round 3

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    Both men touch gloves in the middle of the Octagon to start off Round 3.

    They exchange leg kicks and trade a few punches. Bisping continues to land beautiful jabs. Another takedown for Bisping, but Stann quickly gets back to his feet. Bisping briefly clinches Stann up against the fence, but a break right after.

    Stann throws a leg kick, but eats double jabs from Bisping. Good overhand by Stann connects on Bisping.

    Another shoot by Bisping, but he settles for a clinch up against the cage. Bisping lands a few punches on the cage and breaks.

    Bisping throws a few punches and yet again shoots for a takedown, but this time, it is unsuccessful. They clinch briefly and break.

    Stann gets a kick caught and Bisping lands a few punches, but Stann follows with a nice hook on the release.

    Stann tries a combination, but Bisping avoids it. Bisping shoots for a takedown that appears to be unsuccessful, but he then switches to a trip that puts Stann on his back yet again, but Stann quickly gets back to his feet.

    As the final round comes to a close, the two break from a clinch and trade a few punches until the horn.

    Bisping likely won the third round on his takedowns alone. Great wrestling display as well as the Bisping-style jab landing consistently. 

    The final call from the judges: 29-28 all for Michael Bisping. Great show of respect from both Bisping and Stann following the fight.