WWE News: John Cena's Twitter Account Hacked

Gone Baby GoneContributerSeptember 22, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Well, it appears even John Cena is not immune to Twitter hackery.

Cena took to Twitter on Saturday stating:



For those of you who follow Cena closely, you must have gotten quite a showing. While the rest of us are left to wonder what happened. Ultimately, Twitter is great when it comes to deleting previous tweets, as they don't tend to be stuck in cyberspace waiting to shoot you in the rear.

I, for one, wish that I followed Cena or any celebrity for that matter when their accounts are hacked. I think it's rough for the stars to go through. However, it's also fun to see the originality of these hackers.

Ultimately, I do wonder who is in charge of Cena's account. Mostly because the WWE has set-up accounts for some of their stars. However, a select few took to Twitter prior to the companies social media push. So who knows where Cena's account stands and who has access.

In the end, I am certain this will not happen to Cena again as he should have figured out a foolproof password. Although, you never know, one day he could go on a crazy rant (as many celeb's have done) and blame it on being hacked.

Until that happens at least we still have Kurt Angle.