Kansas State vs. Oklahoma: Live Scores, Analysis and Results

Alex JosephAnalyst ISeptember 22, 2012

Final Score:

Oklahoma 19, Kansas State 24 


Oklahoma loses at home to Kansas State—this is the second consecutive season the Sooners have suffered a loss at Gaylord Memorial, which is almost unheard of. 

The Sooners had many chances to take control of the game, but too many mistakes (fumbles, sacks, interceptions, broken coverage) cost them the victory. On the flip side, Kansas State did all the little things they had to do to edge it out in the end. 

Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein deserves a huge round of applause from all Sooners fans. He didn't necessarily beat the Sooners in the way that Robert Griffin III did last season, but he was solid all night—running, passing, decision making, etc. He was calm and collected in the pocket and put every throw on the money that he had to make. 

Other than a few HUGE blown coverages (Gabe Lynn, Tom Wort), the Sooners defense actually didn't play too bad. I hate to place blame, but quarterback Landry Jones did not play like a fourth-year starter. He continuously looked rattled in the pocket, made poor decisions—he played like the Landry Jones of old, rather than the supposed "new and improved" Landry Jones. 

One bright spot for the Sooners was the play of freshman wide receiver Sterling Shepard. Shepard has drawn many Ryan Broyles-like comparisons due to his size and skill set, and he really looked like he could measure up tonight. He finished with seven catches for 108 yards and one touchdown. 

The win for the Wildcats means a berth (you'd imagine, at least) in the top 10 of the AP Poll. This game was a statement to show that they are, in fact, contenders in the highly competitive Big 12 conference. 

The loss for the Sooners means a drop in the polls, obviously, but how far down will they go? I'd expect a No. 15 to No. 20 ranking, but rankings are the last thing the Sooners have to worry about. 

Basically, a loss now means that the Sooners have to run the table for any hopes of playing for a national championship—but the way they played tonight, the idea of playing for a national championship seems laughable. 

The Sooners have a lot of things they need to fix, but the majority of the blame tonight can be placed on Jones and his underclassman-like performance.