WWE to Rummage Through Recycling Bin, Bring Back Nexus?

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 22, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

This past week on RAW, fans showed their apathy toward a match between Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel by chanting "We want Nexus."  The chant appeared to be a sarcastic demonstration of indifference for a match that had little heat outside of the nostalgic chants. 

Unfortunately, the WWE appears to have taken the chants seriously.  

WWE.com recently posted an article in an apparent attempt to put feelers out as to how well a possible Nexus reunion would be received.  Hopefully that is the extent of any future Nexus talks.     

Wade Barrett has begun what looks to be a promising return to television.  He is being slightly repackaged as a bare-knuckled tough guy who can go toe-to-toe with any superstar on the roster.  The simple yet effective gimmick should work for Barrett, as he is more than proficient enough on the microphone to make himself interesting.

Darren Young has continued a steady development in a budding tag team division where, alongside Titus O'Neil, the Prime Time Players are one of a few focal points.  When the Kane and Daniel Bryan tag team runs its course, the Prime Time Players are prime prospects to carry the tag team division as heel champions. 

Heath Slater, another Nexus alumnus, is carving out a niche as the glorified jobber who makes you care.  Slater has taken an otherwise damning role and made it his own, effectively drawing heat before each expected loss.  Slater's One Man Band gimmick has been so successful in losing efforts, very little character reconstruction will be needed if and when the WWE decides to book him seriously. 

We get just the right amount of David Otunga each week on WWE TV through a rather original lawyer gimmick.  Otunga has shined in his role as an opportunistic, ambulance-chasing lawyer and has done one of the better jobs distancing himself from his Nexus roots, second only to Ryback. 

Formerly known as Skip Sheffield, Ryback is obviously too far along in his meteoric rise to come back down to earth and join the Nexus.  I'm assuming that, should a Nexus reunion come to fruition, Ryback would be at odds with the group for refusing to join and instead opting to continue his one-man crusade on the WWE roster. 

Meanwhile, Justin Gabriel...well, at least he still has a cool finisher. 

The WWE has invested too much time in a host of former Nexus members to mortgage their futures in an effort to cater to some silly chants. 

Pro wrestling has been unkind to angles involving the return of once famed stables.  Kevin Nash had trouble "getting the band back together" with every attempt to rehash the New World Order.  His last attempt fizzed out when he suffered a serious leg injury shortly after having recovered from a previous ailment that kept him sidelined. 

Degeneration X was a comically inept mess during its most recent incarnation, and the Four Horsemen were never quite the same after they were mixed and matched with the ill-advised memberships of everyone from Sid Vicious to Steve Mongo McMichael. 

A rebirth of the Nexus would just be yet another failed nostalgia project to fall by the wayside, just as the Corre was a lackluster Nexus spin-off.


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