UFC 152: Why Matt Hamill Will Destroy Roger Hollett in Comeback Bid

Mike ShiekmanFeatured ColumnistSeptember 22, 2012

Matt Hamill will have a successful return to the octagon in UFC 152 where he should dispatch Roger Hollet with relative ease.

After a year off, some UFC fighters would be rusty when they came back to the ring. Hamill may have to work out the kinks, but facing Hollett seems like an ideal matchup.

A 10-4-0 record may not be jaw-dropping, but a closer look at Hamill’s resume exemplifies that he knows how to win major bouts, unlike Hollett.

“The Hammer” has not shied away on the big stage, defeating big names left and right to earn that nickname; Tito Ortiz, Keith Jardine and Mark Munoz, among others.

Hamill’s opponent is a relative unknown in Hollett, who has been chided for being on the main card because he has no significant matches to date. The B/R experts claim his presence on the main card is because he’s a Canadian fighter.

Who wants to side with somebody that doesn’t belong? Not me or my money.

Hamill has more of a multifaceted approach in this battle, which should work to his advantage if it goes past the first couple rounds. He has a distinct wrestling edge, with a Deaflympics medal and a collegiate wrestling career, if he wants to take it that way. Hollet, on the other hand, does not wrestle to win fights.

Plus, Hamill also can take advantage in the ground and pound game, in which he’s manufactured multiple knockouts in his career.

This match smells like a favorable pairing for Hamill so he can get his feet back under him to make a real comeback run. Roger Hollett has a chance to win at UFC 152 right now, but by night’s end, viewers will forget that they ever heard his name.

Matt Hamill will ride on the comeback trail, all beginning at UFC 152.