2012 Fantasy Football: Week 3 Sit 'Em

Danny Passovoy@@dpass18Correspondent ISeptember 22, 2012

2012 Fantasy Football: Week 3 Sit 'Em

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    Week 3 is the real opening weekend in the NFL and fantasy football. 

    The first few weekends are a time for rookies to grow accustomed to the league and players to get back and settled into the flow of the game. 

    During the offseason and training camp, football players prepare for the upcoming season. They study the playbook, condition and run through game situations for months. They play a few preseason games, but almost never play the whole game. 

    There is nothing like the grind of playing the entire 60 minutes of an actual football game that counts. As much as you train and work out, nothing prepares your body physically for the strain it goes through the first few weeks of the season. 

    Now with a few games under their belt, teams and players will start to show their true colors. Players who have been insanely good will most likely come down to Earth, and the fantasy world will regain order. 

    That being said, it doesn’t mean that the great players as of now will cease being great. They could still go on to have a magnificent year, but C.J. Spiller averaging 10-yards-per-carry by Week 13 is very unlikely. 

    On the other hand, this doesn’t mean the players who are having horrible seasons as of now will continue their pace all year long. For example, I don’t foresee Larry Fitzgerald averaging two catches and 30-yards-per-game for the rest of the season. 

    However, trends begin to form with these players, and these trends help us predict who will do well and who will fall off from week to week. 

    Just a note: if I don’t include a player on this week’s Sit ‘Em list, it doesn’t necessarily mean I like them to start this week (e.g. Chris Johnson, Stephen Jackson, Michael Turner etc.), I just wanted to pick the players least likely to carry high fantasy value into Week 3. Any fantasy questions you have, please feel free to comment on the article and ask. I will answer them all. 

    These are some of the guys I am predicting will fall off in Week 3.

Joe Flacco

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    Flacco showed in Week 2 that he does not handle tough corners very well.

    When facing the Philadelphia Eagles defense last Sunday, Flacco barely completed over 50 percent of his 42 passes. After a garbage second half, he effectively took the Ravens out of the game for good on their last drive by completing only 2-7 passes for 21 yards. 

    This week Flacco faces a revamped New England Patriots defense that allowed only 140 yards in the air to Kevin Kolb, and shut down superstar wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. 

    Talented rookie defensive end Chandler Jones and veteran defensive tackle Vince Wilfork will be in Flacco’s face all game. Established cornerback Devin McCourty looks to ride his early season success and lock down either Torrey Smith or Anquan Boldin. 

    I'm not seeing much fantasy value for Joe Flacco this week, facing the league’s second ranked defense.

Adrian Peterson

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    Peterson didn’t produce nearly as much as I predicted he would in Week 2. The Colts’ 19th-ranked defense held AP to just 60 yards on 16 touches and no touchdowns. 

    To top it all off, Peterson faces the 49ers defense this week. San Francisco is currently allowing only 3.2 carries to running backs and is yet to give up a touchdown.

    And despite what is coming out of Minnesota, Peterson does not look completely healthy. He has not showcased the true explosiveness that he possesses, and to do well against SF, you need to be at the top of your game. 

    I love Peterson this year and enjoy seeing him return to stardom, there just isn’t much fantasy value for him this week. I don’t think we will see Peterson back on this list for a long time after Sunday. 

Eric Decker

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    The first three quarters against the Falcons were an absolute mess offensively for Denver. Peyton Manning was inaccurate, and the Broncos receivers had a tough time finding separation. 

    When the time came for a fourth quarter comeback, Eric Decker saw a perfectly thrown ball sail straight through his hands. The catch would have landed Denver in the red zone. The drive then stalled and the Broncos were forced to punt; Denver lost by less than a touchdown. 

    This week’s matchup with Houston will be even worse. 

    Granted, Houston has only faced Miami and Jacksonville, the most yards they have given up to a wide receiver this year is 50. Houston currently has the league’s leading passing defense with only 248 passing yards allowed. In those two games, the Texans have also collected three interceptions and six sacks. 

    With Demaryius Thomas getting the majority of the targets from Peyton Manning thus far, Eric Decker might see slim-pickins this weekend.

Larry Fitzgerald

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    Probably the biggest disappointment at wide receiver this season, Fitzgerald hasn’t been able to get anything going. Furious fantasy owners are on their last leg with Fitzgerald, who so far this season has accumulated only five receptions for 67 yards and no touchdowns.

    Last week in a game against Devin McCourty and the Patriots, Fitzgerald had one of the worst games of his career. He finished the game with only one catch for four yards. 

    This week "Fitz" faces a fourth-ranked Eagles defense who has been great against opposing wide receivers. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha have played fast and physical man defense and continuously shut offenses down. 

    Switching quarterbacks early in the season has also hurt his fantasy value tremendously, but Larry Fitzgerald will get his looks no matter who the quarterback is. 

Vincent Jackson

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    This submission to the Sit ‘Em list for Vincent Jackson isn’t a testament to his gameplay. Jackson will be a blessing for Josh Freeman and the Buccaneers in his time there. This is a recommendation based on his Week 3 matchup. 

    The Dallas rush defense laid an egg last week in Seattle. They were torn apart on the ground all game. However, the defensive backs, specifically the corners, looked great for the second straight game. 

    The addition of Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr to the Cowboy secondary has transformed Dallas into the NFL’s third best passing defense. 

    Vincent Jackson possesses all the skills it takes to be a top-tier wide receiver in the NFL and I think he will excel in Tampa Bay. I just don't see him getting open enough this weekend to have enough fantasy value for your team.

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