5 WWE Superstars Who Need a Heel/Face Turn

Max TowleAnalyst ISeptember 22, 2012

5 WWE Superstars Who Need a Heel/Face Turn

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    Say what you want about CM Punk's slow-burning heel turn, it certainly seems to have reinvigorated the man.

    The opportunity to work with his old ECW running mate Paul Heyman has also sparked interest in the "Straight Edge Superstar," an opportunity that would have never come along if he'd remained babyface.

    Here are five other guys on the roster who could use a turn, whether it's because their current gimmick is going cold, or simply due to the fact that they're just failing to get over in their current role.

    Are you watching, Vince?

Curt Hawkins

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    Since the unfortunate departure of his tag team partner, Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins has been an understandable absence from our TV screens, not that many people have noticed.

    Without a doubt, his "Magic Mike" stripper gimmick should be dumped, and he should instead be tested in a babyface role.

    I can see Hawkins as a possible Chris Jericho/John Morrison-esque rock star character. He could well get over with the right storylines in that scenario, whether as part of a new tag team or in the midcard.

    Just please leave the "Pimp Stick" at home when you do return, Curt.

Big Show

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    Big Show's constant flip-flopping back and forth between face and heel may be getting a little old, but I believe the big, unfriendly giant's true role in the WWE should be as more of a loveable brute than an unstoppable bully.

    His latest run as a monster heel relied on old gimmicks such as griping about money and refusing to fight; his pay-per-view showdown with John Cena earlier in the year failed to excite as a result.

    I imagine Show as a kind of Kane-like tweener character who just lays waste to all in his path.

    Besides, we have Mark Henry to fill the 400-plus pound villain void when the "World's Strongest Man" finally makes his comeback.

The Usos

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    This one may seem a little out of left field, but considering The Usos' current floundering in an already weak division, a change may do the tag team some good.

    The Usos seem permanently camped on sub-shows like NXT and Superstars at the moment, and even then they aren't getting much crowd reaction.

    Bring back Tamina Snuka, and turn all three heel and you may have a gimmick that works.

    Imagine a team like the heel Dudley Boyz coming out and wreaking havoc whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Drew McIntyre

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    If the dirt sheet rumors are to be believed, Drew McIntyre's possible face turn is one that WWE officials are strongly considering (via WrestlingInc).

    The sulky Scotsman has failed to make any real impact in the company since his short-lived stint as Tag Team Champion in late-2010.

    Perhaps the issue with McIntyre is that his innocent, babyface looks run counter to the arrogant heel he is supposed to be.

    Though if he, Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater form the faction that was suggested on the latest episode of SmackDown, the WWE will wait to see if such a storyline can gain momentum before considering McIntyre's future.


Alberto Del Rio

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    The transition may take some work, but there would be great potential in a babyface Alberto del Rio on the WWE roster.

    His recent duels with Sheamus have been nowhere near as captivating as the backstage suits have intended, and perhaps a different course of action is needed.

    The funny thing about del Rio is that he has the look, the in-ring skills and the larger-than-life persona, but he's still unable to elicit the loud pops from the crowd that he's supposed to.

    The best way to earn del Rio sympathy? Surely it would be him going broke and arriving at the arena in an old, banged-up Honda Civic rather than a Lamborghini Gallardo to get the crowd firmly on his side.


    What do you think? Which superstar(s) on the current roster could do with a heel/face turn?