Drew Brees' Ultimate Football Workout and NFL Prep

BR5Daily ShowSeptember 21, 2012

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Bleacher Report teamed up with Men's Fitness to get behind-the-scenes access to star quarterback Drew Brees. Drew takes football very seriously, so it is no surprise that he would take his football workout and preparation just as seriously. 

Drew has an intense full-body workout that keeps him in prime shape to lead his team on Sunday. Even at the age of 33, it is impressive to see Brees run, jump and lift like a younger athlete. The whole workout took about two hours, as Brees worked through a multitude of exercises that keep his heart rate up and his muscles moving. 

Drew's Saints have not had an impressive start in this 2012 NFL season, going 0-2. Perhaps it can be attributed to the lack of coaching leadership as Sean Payton serves his suspension. This workout is the kind of thing that can help Brees keep his mind focused on his ultimate goal of winning football games and keeping himself in game shape. 


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