Tank Johnson Heroism May Make Him My Favorite Player

Giants27Analyst IMarch 4, 2009

As a Giants fan, hating the Cowboys is just a daily part of my life.

But even through that, Tank Johnson is still special to me.

Yeah sure he went to jail for illegal gun possession and played for Cowboys, I'm not sure which is worse.

The reasoning behind this is one of the selfless acts I can think of.

Johnson is a friend of one of the missing boaters, Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper.

And yesterday when the Coast Guard called off its search the first person I saw on television, was Tank Johnson.

Johnson said that he and Marquis' father along with others will be going out and risking their lives to try and find Corey Smith, Marquis Cooper and William Bleakley.

Standing before a gang of reporters, Johnson stood there clearly shaken, asking for experienced boaters to help him and Mr. Cooper find the missing boaters.

If this along with the tragedy as a whole and hearing Mr. Bleakley calling his son "his hero", didn't break your heart, you have no heart.

Corey Smith, Marquis Cooper and William Bleakley, not to mention the only survivor thus far Nick Schuyler are an inspiration.