NFL Picks Week 3: Teams Facing a Blowout

Benjamin J. BlockCorrespondent IISeptember 21, 2012

Cam Newton in shock from the Giant-sized beatdown Eli Manning handed his team.
Cam Newton in shock from the Giant-sized beatdown Eli Manning handed his team.US PRESSWIRE

Week 3 of the NFL season is here, and some teams are facing an imminent blowout this Sunday.

Week 3 officially kicked off Thursday night in Carolina, and on the subject of blowouts, Eli Manning and the New York Giants unmercifully crushed Cam Newton's Panthers, 36-7.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera didn't sugarcoat the romp either. "They came in and slapped us around and dragged us to the ground a little bit," Rivera said, according to ESPN.

Let's take a look at the teams around the NFL that will have their head coach giving a postgame comment this Sunday similar to Rivera's Thursday night.


Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills 

Don't be fooled by the Browns' 0-2 record; they will dominate the Bills this Sunday in spite of C.J. Spiller leading the league in rushing.

The Bills were smacked around by the Jets in Week 1 and beat a hapless Kansas City team in Week 2, and this game against Cleveland is shaping up to be a classic trap game for them.

The Browns are at home and hungry for their first win, plus their defense is a little stronger than the Bills'.

Buffalo has averaged more points offensively thus far, but Cleveland's defense has allowed opponents fewer points. 

Rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden and rookie running back Trent Richardson both had breakout games in last week's loss to the Bengals.

Between Cleveland learning how to play without superstar cornerback Joe Haden and its offense starting to click, Buffalo could end up coming down with a case of trap-game-itis.


Detroit Lions vs. Tennessee Titans

The poor Titans are getting thrown to the wolves this Sunday–make that the Lions.

The Lions are fresh off a hard-fought game last week against the 49ers, when Detroit was handed its first loss of the young season.

The 49ers defense is one of the best in the league, and Matt Stafford still managed to throw for 230 yards and a touchdown. Calvin Johnson contributed with eight catches for 94 yards.

Despite a severely lacking running game and some sloppiness with penalties, the Lions still looked strong.

Besides Jake Locker, the Titans don't have a lot to be excited about. He did throw for 406 yards and two touchdowns in last week's loss to the San Diego Chargers, but Tennessee just has too many deficiencies to overcome.

Chris Johnson has been on a steady decline since his 2009 season when he racked up 2,006 yards.

With the bitter taste of defeat still lingering, the Lions should smack the Titans around and have a field day against their below-average defense.

This contest won't be close.


San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

The 49ers are 2-0 and can't seem to do anything wrong in 2012. 

Alex Smith has a completion rate of 70.2 percent, Frank Gore is running the ball exceptionally well at an average of 6.2 yards per carry, and the return of Randy Moss to Minnesota could ignite him.

San Francisco seems to be coming into this game with the perfect storm.

The only aspect of the Vikings that could potentially cause problems is their defensive linemen, but the 49ers have a tremendous offensive line to combat them.

Percy Harvin has had two decent games so far, but they were against Jacksonville and Indianapolis, who don't have the caliber of defense that San Francisco has.

Adrian Peterson should be a 1,000-plus yard runner this season, but he hasn't been back to his imposing tricks yet.

Minnesota's best effort won't be nearly enough, and this one could be a landslide.

These are the three blowouts to watch out for on Sunday. Enjoy Week 3 in the NFL.