Texans' Brian Cushing's Bro-Moment Mixtape Complete with Helmet Headbutt

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 21, 2012

The term bro gets thrown around a lot, and so does the word perfect. This video is both and I don't mind saying so. 

Brian Cushing goes full bro for a few minutes and the result is pure comedic perfection. 

He is a hard-hitting, booty-slapping broseph who is hell bent on locking down the Houston Texans defense and making his fellow teammates better, or at least chuckle at his antics. 

Picking out the best part is a little difficult. It's sort of like deciding your favorite episode of Saved By the Bell, a mammoth undertaking that is never ending. 

In this case, we have our answer and it begins at the 3:00 mark. That's when Cushing gets tended to on the sidelines for a head that is, you know, leaking blood. 

We then get the Tarantino treatment and find out that Cushing decided to headbutt a Cleveland Browns player, without the aid of wearing a helmet. 

The mad man decided to use his own thick skull against a fully-armed and completely functional helmet. We applaud the outcome. 

If you go up against a man who would do such a thing, you walk the other way. That man is crazy and will do pretty much anything to make his point. 

Brian Cushing, we now have a bro crush that just won't quit anytime soon. 

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