Is Cam Newton Regressing as an NFL Quarterback?

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After last night's debacle of a game, Carolina Panthers fans have a long list of things to worry about when it comes to their favorite team but nothing looms over the franchise more than the abysmal performance of their supposed superstar quarterback. 

The Panthers have played three regular season games in 2012 and in two of them Cam Newton has looked absolutely terrible. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Giants defenses exposed and amplified all the issues scouts and personnel people had with him coming out of Auburn.

In the video above my colleague Josh Zerkle contends that Newton is simply being asked to do too much and that the Panthers are to blame for his struggles.

While I certainly agree that offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski has gotten far too cute with his read-option series of plays, Newton has not helped matters with lazy mechanics and extremely questionable decision making. 

His first interception last night never happens if he steps into his throw the way he's no doubt been coached to do. His defense isn't nearly strong enough to survive multiple turnovers, and two out of three times he's taken the field in 2012, Newton has given the gift that keeps on giving to his opponents - namely, extra possessions with the football. 

Tell us what you think the comments, who do you side with? Josh and his "They're asking him to do too much" take or my "He's being exposed as the athletically gifted but ultimately flawed quarterback he is" take. 

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