A (New York) Giant Wish-List

Matt MayerContributor IMarch 4, 2009

It is widespread opinion among analysts and fans that the Giants are not going to be Super Bowl contenders again without a serious No. 1 wide receiver option. This is only a half truth.

The Giants have some capable wide receivers and by building through the draft. the Giants can have a powerful offense once again—without necessarily drafting a wide receiver with the first round draft pick.

Many people are saying that the Giants need to choose either a wide receiver or alinebacker with the 29th pick in the first round.

The Giants should draft a tight end if Brandon Pettigrew from Okalahoma State University slips to them. Unlike a rookie wide receiver who might need time to develop, Pettigrew could step in and make an instant impact.

Go back and look at tape of Pettigrew. The guy is not only a dangerous receiving threat because of his hands, but he can also block and run clean routes.

Aside from sometimes being able to rely on Jeremy Shockey, Eli Manning never has had a true play-maker outside at tight end. Pettigrew would be able to step in as a red-zone receiving target and also help with blocking for the rushing attack. 

The draft if full of talented wide receivers. Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Maclin are most likely not going to slip down to the Giants, unless the Giants make a move up in the first round.

Aside from those two guys mentioned, the Giants may have a shot at Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin, Kenny Britt, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and Brian Robiskie with the second round (45th) draft pick.

The Giants also have another pick in the second round at number 60.

There is no 100 percent risk-free pick in the upcoming draft. Instead of being committed to going wide receiver with the first pick, the Giants should be prepared to a draft tight end if Pettigrew slips down to them.

Last year, there were many receivers expected to go in the first round that eventually dropped to the second. A similar situation is possible again in the 2009 NFL draft. 

What about linebackers? 

The Giants do need to continue to add depth to the linebacker corps in the draft, but many fans have already forgotten about Jonathan Goff and Bryan Kehl who were drafted last year and haven't really gotten a chance yet.

I believe Goff was injured, but I remember Kehl making some plays here and there. If a great linebacker slips to the Giants, then they should go that route. However, maybe it would be more prudent for the Giants to address the offense early in the draft. 

My last comment is what turns this article into a Giant wish-list. The Giants should go after  hybrid cornerback/safety Sean Smith from the University of Utah. He's 6'4", 214 pounds and he ran a 4.53 40-yard dash.

Imagine this guy playing opposite of Kenny Phillips. Phillips can play strong safety and continue to tailor his game around his hard-hitting capabilities. Smith could be the coverage safety, but also capable to deliver a huge hit with his massive frame.

If there is any way the Giants could find a way to snag this guy it would be a major score, especially since this is a guy the Eagles might be interested in drafting to replace Brian Dawkins. 

No matter what happens, Giants fans should be comfortable with Jerry Reese's decisions. He has yet to steer us wrong, and he will continue to prove he is the game's brightest up-and-coming general manager.