FedExCup Playoffs: Still a Long Way for Tiger Woods in Atlanta

Espen UldalContributor IIISeptember 21, 2012

54 holes to go. Can he break the pattern?
54 holes to go. Can he break the pattern?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

So, why the hype about the 66 that Tiger Woods produced in the first round of the TOUR Championship?

I know, it’s good enough for a share of the lead at four-under-par, but let’s wait until the weekend—about Sunday afternoon—with the kudos. So far, Tiger has only done what he's accomplished in all three previous FedExCup tournaments in the playoff and started off with a round in the 60’s.

Woods carded a 68 in the Barclays, a 64 in Deutsche Bank Championship and he shot 65 in the first round of the BMW Championship. A 76 in Barclays resulted in a spot for 38, but he shot 68-68-66 in Deutsche Bank to finish third and came in fourth in the BWM after a 67-71-68.

Tiger did not give those tournaments away. Somebody else took them. Somebody else played better. It could easily happen again this week at East Lake.

Sure, Tiger has great success in the TOUR Championship history and in the FedExCup era. A win in 2007 and a spot for second in 2009. Both years, he ended up winning the $10 million bonus check. Since then, Woods has not qualified or been able to play the final playoff tournament. And he has not won a playoff tournament since the BMW Championship in 2009.

Woods could very well win this week, but it’s not a given, and for now, Tiger has just done the same thing he's done in the three previous tournaments he has played.