Daniel Bryan's Cattle Mutilation and 5 Moves WWE Superstars Should Bring Back

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 21, 2012

Daniel Bryan's Cattle Mutilation and 5 Moves WWE Superstars Should Bring Back

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    Daniel Bryan's career on the independent circuit saw him wrestle with a more varied repertoire than he does now. 

    His WWE in-ring toolbox is missing some of the inventive submission holds from his days as Bryan Danielson.

    There was a time when the LeBell Lock (now the No Lock) was just one of his many options for finishing off an opponent.           

    The WWE has a habit of paring down their wrestlers' move sets. For safety reasons or otherwise, guys like Bryan are asked to tear out pages of their own playbooks. 

    The following moves would entice fans, allow the wrestlers to vary their matches and even reinvigorate a career in one case.

Daniel Bryan: Cattle Mutilation

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    Daniel Bryan has used this move sparingly in his WWE career so far. 

    It seemed to get little reaction from the crowd. Maybe fans were just unfamiliar and taken aback by the submission hold or didn't care enough about Bryan to respond to the move.

    The WWE can help avoid having his act get stale by reinserting some of the submission holds he used throughout his early days.

    The Cattle Mutilation doesn't snap on as quickly as the No Lock, but it's unique and creates a striking image. It certainly looks painful as well. It's a move associated with Bryan, and having him bring it out again could raise his already rising profile.

CM Punk: Pepsi Plunge

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    This certainly falls in the category of moves that make Vince McMahon nervous. Can you imagine how tense he would get seeing CM Punk put this move on John Cena?

    Essentially an avalanche pedigree, Punk ended many of his indy matches with this devastating top-rope move. 

    As stunning and impressive as this looks in action, it's unlikely to return to Punk's move inventory.

    Not only does his opponent's head crash dangerously onto the canvas, but it must be harsh on Punk's knees as well.

    While too risky to be a regular move in the WWE, it would be fantastic if Punk pulled this out on a special occasion. Perhaps this is how Punk will finally end his feud with Cena.

Antonio Cesaro: Alpamare Waterslide

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    Antonio Cesaro has retained most of his moves from when he wrestled under his real name, Claudio Castagnoli, and has impressed with his pop-up European Uppercut and The Neutralizer.

    As fans get to know Cesaro, and as his U.S. title reign develops, the WWE would be wise to reintroduce moves like the Alpamare Waterslide.

    It makes sense for a character like Cesaro to be working on new moves.

    The Waterslide offers him a chance to show off his strength and is a way to score a sudden pinfall. It is the Attitude Adjustment's more vicious cousin.

Santino Marella: Everything from His Boris Alexiev Gimmick

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    Due to his position as the WWE's resident jester, Santino Marella's wrestling skills take some fans by surprise.

    One of his early gimmicks was that of a Russian shoot fighter. Odd nationality switch aside, this was a good idea for a guy who has real experience in judo and MMA.

    To add depth to his matches and perhaps his character as well, Santino should start to use some of the MMA-influenced moves he did as Boris Alexiev.

    The WWE doesn't need to pull a Tensai and behave as if we don't remember previous gimmicks. Simply having him borrow elements from this early gimmick might help prolong his career.

    The humor of the Cobra is not eternal.

    Santino can still be hilarious comic relief while incorporating the triangle choke, for example, into his matches.

Evan Bourne: Cyclorama

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    This is by far the biggest long shot on this list.

    Evan Bourne's WWE career isn't exactly stable after multiple suspensions and injuries. Therefore, should Bourne come back, the last thing Vince McMahon would want is for him to break someone's neck.

    That being said, few moves would exhilarate a crowd like Bourne's Cyclorama.

    Like his Air Bourne, it is a gorgeous high-flying move that you can watch replays of over and over again. This belly-to-belly moonsault slam could put a massive exclamation point on any given match.