Ryback vs. the Miz: Why Ryback Is Not Ready for an Intercontinental Title Match

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst IApril 7, 2017

WWE will certainly feed Ryback more in his upcoming feud with The Miz.

Last Monday on Raw, Ryback interrupted a confrontation between The Miz and Booker T on the debut of Miz TV. The match between the two will presumably be Ryback’s first shot at WWE gold, since The Miz holds the Intercontinental Championship. 

But as slow as the progression of Ryback’s character has been since his debut, throwing him into a title match after dozens of squash matches against jobbers makes the current situation less credible. 

This isn’t just Ryback’s first feud with a chance to capture a title. It’s arguably his first legitimate feud. He and Jinder Mahal were developing a small rivalry, most of which focused on Ryback's brute strength. It wasn’t your typical confrontation but rather more of an emphasis on Mahal’s jealousy over Ryback’s push. 

Mahal didn’t interact with Ryback directly during their short lived rivalry either; instead, Mahal insisted on besting Ryback showing how he can also defeat jobbers with ease. The not-so-serious rivalry didn't even culminate on a pay per view, which is the traditional vehicle for ending a storyline. 

The match took place on the September 7th edition of Raw in which The Miz criticized Ryback for his lack of experience, as he played the role of guest commentator. 

WWE creative may have put themselves in a compromising situation which can lead to one of two results. 

Ryback can defeat The Miz and become the new Intercontinental champion. This outcome can bring some short term success by making Ryback appear to be more credible, but the title becomes devalued the longer he holds gold. 

He can also lose to The Miz, which can hurt Ryback’s character in the long run since his undefeated streak has been constantly referenced throughout every one of his matches. Either way, Ryback should aim for the entree of wrestling feuds rather than outright reaching for a main course if he truly wants WWE to feed him more.