Torry Holt To Hit The Market?

Jeff DanzigerCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

It is being reported that Torry Holt has officially requested to be cut from the St. Louis Rams. The Rams have been trying to shop Holt the past week, but have been unable to find any takers.

The main reason for the lack of interest in Holt is that every NFL team knows he is going to get cut and they're all waiting it out. The St. Louis Rams don't want to pay Holt the $1.25 million salary bonus he is due on March 17th.

If the Rams choose not to pay him the salary bonus, the contract would be waived and Holt will be free to hit the open market; the very WR thin market.

Holt could make a good deal of money in free agency, with the market for WR's being very interesting this year. So far, T.J Houshmandzadeh has made it big, being the number top receiver on the market. Housh signed a five year contract worth $40 million.

Laverneous Coles also signed a nice four year, $28 million contract with Cincinnati. These two contracts could pave the way to a nice sum of money for Torry Holt, who has broken the 1,000 yard mark eight out of his ten years in the league.

Holt had a down year with career lows in almost every category, but all the blame shouldn't be on his shoulders. The Rams were an overall week team with QB troubles all year long. Holt would benefit from being in a new organization.

With number one WRs being a high priority for many teams, Holt could find that he is hot commodity on the open market.