The Dodgers Had a Fever: The Only Cure Was More Manny

Kelsey ParsonsCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

Manny and the Dodgers have made a deal. Insert sigh of content here.

Dodgers fans wanted it to happen. The Los Angeles management knew it had to happen. Manny...well, Manny was indifferent. 

Whatever the feelings were of the involved parties is irrelevant. After the opinions have been stated, the articles written, and the reports given, L.A. has taken back their star. 

What did it take for the right-handed Dominican native to return to the city that idolized him, a fan base so devoted they donned braided wigs in his honor? Two years and $45 million.

Worth every penny? You know it.

Think of it as an investment: The money paid to get the athlete will come back, plus more. Revenue from silly souvenirs and the number of seats filled by Manny fans boosted the Dodgers economy to knew heights last year, and they could not afford to lose what he offers in the coming season. 

Breathe easy, L.A. You have your Man back.