WWE: 7 Losses That Helped Sheamus' Career

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WWE: 7 Losses That Helped Sheamus' Career

The ultimate goal in WWE, or anything for that matter, is to win as many matches as possible. Nobody in WWE has won nearly as much as Sheamus, who has been a dominant World Heavyweight Champion since WrestleMania this past April. It has been the road back to relevance for a superstar who was shot to the moon from the beginning, only to see his stock fall back down and crash.

Now, it seems like Sheamus is almost unbeatable. We all know that this will not hold up, as every winning streak ends and every title reign, no matter how long, eventually ends. He sure hasn't been a lot like Goldberg with his constant winning and big gold belt, but it has been a hot streak that has turned The Great White into the great winner in WWE this year.

Even the greatest men lose from time to time, and those who truly are great will lose and come out a better man on the other side of things. In a way, losses happen for a reason and should be treated as such. In the grand scheme of things, a loss can actually be a good thing that can readjust a mindset and lead to future success.

With his successes right now, it's only right to look back at some of the great losses for Sheamus and why those defeats actually worked out in the long run for the Irish-born champion.

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