Should The Yankees No. 6 Be Retired For Torre?

Steve ChottCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

Well I was getting ready to write my AL edition of next year and was looking at the Yankees and saw their retired numbers. And the only single digits not retired are No. 2 and No. 6.

Well it got me to thinking if No. 6 will and should be retired. For people who don't know No. 6 is the number Joe Torre had for 12 years with the Yankees before getting let loose by the Yanks.

So will Torre join the company of Billy Martin, Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Bill Dickey, Berra and Roger Maris? In my mind it is a no brainer that Torre goes in the Yankees elite retired numbers club.

Why should they though?

Torre is a possible MLB Hall Of Famer. He was a great manager and I was one of the many Yankees fans that was not happy with the departure of Torre. Torre was a manager that just did his job and wasn't a big distraction. He loved his players and loved the game.

Now that Torre has moved on to the Dodgers and already brought them to the playoffs he has also wrote a book about his time with the Yankees. This book slammed the Yankees which could hurt his chances at getting it retired in some minds.

But now we all know what kind of a manager Torre was but lets look at some of his stats during his time with the Yankees. His overall record was 1173–767 and he won four World Series's, three of them in a row. He made it to six overall.

He compiled 10 AL East titles, a Manager of The Year award, and a MLB record 113-48 record in 1998. 113 wins? It's unheard of. Something that won't be broken for quite some time.

Now some people don't buy that Torre would be up there with the best of the best because of the teams he was given. Torre was manager for the Yankees which means that they were "buying" their teams every year according to some people.

These people who say this are ridiculous. Torre was great and I'm not going to say that the Yankees weren't giving him great players, because they were but the players can't do anything without the manager. Loses are placed on the manager so shouldn't wins be given in their credit.

Torre is in the biggest market in baseball and the biggest media city to play sports in. Torre handled this well and was not a person who the media loved and not someone who was always in front of them. When he first arrived in New York critics questioned his arrival and called him "Clueless Joe". Obviously they were wrong.

So lets get back to the original question. Should the New York Yankees retire Joe Torre's number? Yes, and it would be a crime if they didn't. Joe is a Hall of Fame manager in my mind.