Sunday Rewind: Bills Spank Chiefs Behind Spiller, Noodle-Armed QB

Michael ErlerCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2012

The jig is up, Harvard boy.
The jig is up, Harvard boy.Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Bills 35, Chiefs 17

Speaking of bad coaching (just pretend that we were), let’s get to the Chiefs.

Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick looked terrible against the Jets last week, while C.J. Spiller rushed for approximately 8,000 yards, albeit mostly in garbage time. Naturally, the Chiefs coaching staff game planned to take away Buffalo’s passing game.

Uh, guys? I know Matt Ryan tore you apart last week, but not every team has receivers like Julio Jones and Roddy White.

The Bills were more than happy to give it to Spiller on nearly every play in the first half, and quickly built a 21-0 lead; the game was effectively decided on Peyton Hillis’ goal line fumble right before the half. A Buffalo pass rush that was M.I.A. at New York found itself against the Chiefs, and pressured Kansas City’s Matt Cassel throughout, sacking him five times. The front seven shut down Jamaal Charles to the tune of three yards on six carries.

How bad of a coach is Romeo Crennel?

He passed up on a 4th-and-6 at Buffalo’s 16-yard-line down 21-0 midway through the third quarter to kick a 33-yard field goal.

Because there’s a big difference between 21-0 and 21-3.

To no one’s surprise, the Bills scored the icing touchdown on the next series, with Fitzpatrick finding Stevie Johnson all alone on 3rd-and-13. The Chiefs zone coverage completely lost Johnson, and he outraced the secondary for a 49-yard score that flattered his QB’s stats.

Fitzpatrick only had 19 pass attempts for the game, which is a winning formula for the Bills, and we might very well be seeing a Wally Pipp situation between Spiller, who had 123 yards on 15 carries and two touchdowns (and another 47 yards receiving) and injured starter Fred Jackson.

Also, the Bills broke out their “wildcat” package in the game, sometimes with Spiller as the quarterback, and other times with Brad Smith. It was about the only thing they tried on offense that didn’t work.

Dwayne Bowe scored two meaningless touchdowns after the score was already 35-3 to make his fantasy owners happy, but this Chiefs team that looks talented on paper just can’t seem to put the pieces together on either side of the ball.