Justin Verlander's Boo Kate Upton Features in Bizarre Video with Unicorn Man

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You know that recurring dream you keep having that involves a giant panda made of cotton candy, a waterfall of Skittles and Kate Upton?

This is kind of like that. 

Granted, that food-laden dream may be relegated to people currently writing this article, but we all get to experience the oddest video to come out of Camp Upton in like, forever. 

Thanks to Busted Coverage for spotting this brilliant video that will take decades to properly savor. No matter how many times you watch this thing, you keep finding new emotions to explore. 

Maybe it's the puppies and babies, or perhaps the man who wears a unicorn mask, only to shed it in the end of the video. 

Yes, yes, it must be the unicorn man. 

As many of you know, Kate Upton has long been rumored to be dating Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander (h/t the Detroit Free Press). So perhaps he has the answers that lay in this mind-scramble of a video. 

I can't help but get taken to my happy place every single time I play this thing. Like Happy Gilmore, I may bust this video out before making a pressure putt to win at my next golf outing. 

The video may be by Bruce Weber for CR Fashion Book, but it really is some high-art experience that will take some wise critic to properly crack. 

I think it may be a critique on society's apathy to modern-day unicorn men and their ongoing plight to stay relevant among other equine men. 

Maybe it's just how Kate Upton picnics. Either explanation works for me. 

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