Why Randy Orton Shouldn't Be Considered for WWE Championship Match

Emery Songer@@EmerySongerCorrespondent IISeptember 20, 2012

Why Randy Orton Shouldn't Be Considered for WWE Championship Match

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    With John Cena's elbow surgery, many are wondering how the WWE can manage to keep CM Punk's heel momentum going.

    Common sense is that Randy Orton, the company's top face without a title, should step in for Cena and try to put Punk in his place.

    In another scenario, this would do just fine and possibly even be welcomed more than the Punk-Cena feud.

    However, here are five reasons why this should not happen.

5. CM Punk's Momentum

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    Since Raw 1000, CM Punk has slowly turned into a vicious, self-centered villain, and his growing feud with Cena was really helping his heat.

    From verbally challenging Bret Hart, to attacking Jerry "The King" Lawler, Punk has really gotten on the bad side of the WWE Universe.

    After a draw at Night Of Champions that was sure to set up the best Punk-Cena showdown to date, the WWE and CM Punk could ill-afford to let everyone's attention get away from this growing rivalry.

    If Cena can't compete at Hell In A Cell, then a multiple man stipulation match such as an Armageddon Hell In A Cell match would be the only thing that would make Punk look stronger heading into Survivor Series.

    Well, that and verbally abusing the injured Cena on television as much as possible.

4. 12 Rounds: Reloaded

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    It may not be common knowledge yet, but Randy Orton is slated to star in the sequel to 12 Rounds.  That filming is coming up fairly soon, and while many casual fans won't know this by the time of Hell In A Cell, it would look extremely strange for Orton to challenge for the WWE Championship at a PPV, likely in a Cell, and then disappear for a couple of months.

    If we learned anything from The Miz and his shooting of The Marine: Homefront, it's that we should expect Orton to fade away rather than be forced away.

    This definitely makes more sense, as it would truly confuse people to see a guy who sent many-a-Superstar packing with a punt to the skull get taken out himself to be pulled off TV for a while.

    Especially after that wellness suspension, Orton should just maintain his role in the mid-card.

3. Dolph Ziggler and the Briefcase

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    It's pretty obvious here that the thing that would help Dolph Ziggler the most within the next six weeks is to beat Randy Orton cleanly in a match that matters.

    While the Night Of Champions match was fun to watch, it puzzled most internet fans why Orton was the guy to go over.  Ziggler has lost both of his PPV matches since winning the briefcase, and that doesn't make for a very credible champion.

    The best way to help Ziggler get over that hump is to continue this feud with Orton.  Randy doesn't need the win with that break coming up to film his movie.  But Ziggler could benefit greatly by winning.

    It doesn't need to have an extra stipulation involving the briefcase, but if it did, it may help Ziggler even more as he would be 2-0 in protecting his contract for a title match.

    If Orton were to take a detour into the WWE Title scene effective immediately, it would surely leave Ziggler out in the cold and it could take months for him to recover.

2. WWE Universe Wants Cena and Punk

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    I know I'm not speaking for everyone, but with the current buildup and a Hell In A Cell match looming, Cena vs. Punk never looked so good.

    Cena has been cutting some of the best promos he's ever done in the PG Era while Punk has been the perfect target—plus his rebellious mic work and alliance with Paul Heyman have made for the perfect villain to Cena's hero.

    Despite my hatred for match stipulation pay-per-views, this one was perfectly timed and it's for the top prize.  I'm crossing my fingers for Cena to be healthy enough to compete, but if he's not, he must be involved somehow, and that doesn't leave room for Orton.

1. John Cena

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    Hate him or hate him more, the guy is a great sports entertainer.  Not necessarily the best wrestler, or our favorite character, but his spot as the face of a company that tries to look good to outsiders couldn't be filled better by anyone else.

    He has taken the high pitched, juvenile chants of "Let's go, Cena!" and the machine-like response of "Cena sucks!" from the IWC just the same, but he still cuts a great promo, he can still have a good main event match (with the right opponent, of course) and it is clear he and Punk work well together.

    It would be selling Cena short after his brilliant work in this feud to have him replaced with the next biggest face.  He has a score to settle and for Cena to allow someone else to help fight his battle would not only be against the company's best interests, it would squash Cena's entire persona.

    Remember at Money In The Bank 2011 when he lost to Punk after knocking out John Laurinaitis to ensure it was a fair fight?  Cena has built his character on doing things himself and that doesn't always mean winning or losing or getting all the fans to cheer for him, but it definitely doesn't mean handing the reins of a great feud to Randy Orton.

What Do You Think?

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    Where should Randy Orton end up at Hell In A Cell?

    I think he should continue his program with Dolph Ziggler and maybe move on to Wade Barrett prior to his filming.  He could make both of those guys look strong when they need to and catapult them into a title picture.

    There are several options, but one thing is clear to me: Randy Orton should not be involved in the WWE Championship feud at Hell In A Cell.