San Franciscos 49ers Dormant Free Agency

co f.Contributor IMarch 4, 2009

GM Scot McCloughan and Coach Mike Singletary stated that the 49ers were going to take it slow in free agency this year. It seems like they have been sleeping.

During this slumber they had a dream. This dream was thinking they even had a chance of signing veteran quarterback Kurt Warner.

Their only other moves so far have been signing Tennessee wide receiver Brandon Jones and bringing back fullback Moran Norris.

The re-signing of Norris looks like a move to make Frank Gore happy. The deep friendship between the two has been well reported. The Niners probably could have drafted a younger fullback later in the draft and got him cheaper than Norris.

Jones brings great speed to the wide receiver position, but not a lot of production. In his three years in the league he has averaged only 460 yards a year to go along with his three touchdowns a year. Arnaz Battle put up better numbers than that.

What ever happen to the 4-6 players the Niners wanted to bring in via free agency?

Now the news coming out of Niner land is they are about to sign quarterback Damon Huard formerly of Kansas City. This is another mid-30's guy at the tail end of his career.

You think the Niners would have had enough of bringing in old quarterbacks by now. Do I have to remind you about Trent Dilfer. What a gem there.

Realistically, the Niners only have one quarterback on the roster right now with no news of a reworked contract for Alex Smith.

On Tuesday, the Niners couldn't even sign Washington Redskins back up defensive end Demetric Evans to a contract.

Jim Trotter's article over at, "Court Warner? QB chase magnifies ineptitude of the Niners front office," says it all.

So far, no help has been brought in to help the Niners at their two most glaring needs—right tackle and a pass rushing outside linebacker or defensive end. I would also list free safety, but I believe that Dashon Goldson should get a chance to prove himself there.

Recently-released Jason Taylor might be a good fit for the short term to play opposite of Justin Smith, but who am I kidding. The Niners front office hasn't given any of us reason to believe they can sign anyone outside of the franchise.

With the lack of activity in free agency this year so far, either the Niners have a trick up their sleeve or their is some serious draft day drama coming. Once again all we can do is wait and see.