Giant Needs

PATRICK SHELTONContributor IMarch 4, 2009

First off i would like to say i love what they are doing in the free agent market. Having Chris Canty, who is going to play D.T. will pose alot of problems for opposing Q.B's.

They will have two D.E. blazing at them from both corners and a guy who is 6'7" blocking up whats left of your passing lanes. That alone is gonna cause many passes to be deflected and intercepted.I think in the upcoming draft the Giants need three starters out of it.

First, we could use a mean , nasty strong side L.B. I would love to see Clint Sintim out of V.T. to slip down to the 29th pick. Second, a wide receiver that can create mismatches...especially in the red zone. Kenny Britt out of Rutgers or a Ramses Barden would seem logical.

Third, we need another safety.There are two that seem to be getting most of the glory.Patrick chung from Oregon and the kid "whos name escapes me at the moment"from South Carolina.The other scenarioi could see the Giants in would be trading up for a blue chip left tackle which is very, very important. If they could some how pull that off they could move Diehl to right guard..or tackle for that matter.We shall see!!!

As we fall down to the third round i would have to say we have to get our hands on another running back. Luckily you can always find great talent at this stage of the draft.I believe we may even be able to find a good wide out again by the fourth round. There seems to be alot of talent at that position this year.

I would be alot less worried if we brought someone we know can kick ass. Q bouldin would make me happy for sure. The cardinals are cheap asses too. Dont be surprised if they do unload him now that they know they have Warner back. Other than that...depth at o line and perhaps start thinking about a new punter in the near future.Having said all that...lets hope we strike gold and find a guy in the mid rounds that can run back kick offs and punt returns. If we do all of that...we will have The Big Blue Wrecking Crew!