If Cena vs Hogan, Then Edge vs Big Show Vs ?

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 4, 2009

I was watching Raw and like everyone else I was just like them WTF? John Cena is like Hulk Hogan of today has been in the Main Event for the title since WrestleMania 21, yea, that's four consecutive title matches. Even though he hasn't won all of them he has found a way to be in it.

This Year John Cena is rumored and only rumored to face Hogan if the WWE and Hogan can get something done. That leaves it open for a third competitor if the WWE decides to have one in the main event of Edge vs Big Show.

I have thought of some opponents from Raw.


Batista- I know what your thinking but rumored have it and if rumor is right he could make his return at WrestleMania 25 to have a face in there to go after the World Heavyweight title. It slim that Vince would think of something like this but it's last minute and Batista would be a suprise. Chance of happening: 10%

JBL- Again WTF? but lately the WWE has had that type of mind-set so why not bring JBL into a title picture another guy that produces alot of heat and is the most hated person.

Vince and JBL are close and Vince realize's that JBL doesn't have someone to face at WrestleMania and JBL has a big announcement that will shake the wrestling world at WrestleMania so there could be a chance. Chance of happening: 5%

Rey Mysterio- Rey doesn't have a match for WrestleMania after he lost on Raw for Money in the Bank match so why not Rey.

He put on a great showing at NWO and has unfinished business with Edge so having a face and a rivalry to continue would be good and would it be sweet if Rey get's the ultimate payback by beating Edge on the biggest stage of them all. Chance of happening: 15%