NHL Trade Deadline: Tribute to the Die Hards

John GehanCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

What a day, what a day. For a hockey fan, the trade deadline is a holiday of sorts. With media adapting to the demand for more coverage, text message updates, live feeds from around the country, and updating trade tickers, the trade deadline is a circus like no other.

Whether your team is last in the conference or first in your heart, as the deadline approaches, all fans hold their collective breath. All the talk, from the past weeks, speculating who is available and who isn’t, culminates into a day of actual wheeling and dealing.

As 3 p.m. approaches, it becomes more evident which teams are revamping and which ones are staying put, or does it?

Oh, sure you have a job, school, kids, a wife, but all that can wait.

You can yell at your phone, computer, or television all you want, it isn’t going to make Florida give up Jay Bouwmeester. You can show some emotion when a rival team gets the guy that you were hoping to land. You can swear to the high heavens; if your club doesn’t do what they need to you’ll stop watching, but we all know you won’t.

The hockey fan is an amazing creature, usually hostile, but utterly amazing. Loyal to the team who adorns his sweater, he will put off basic human needs to watch Barry Melrose and his mullet.

This article is dedicated to all the die hard NHL fans who haven’t taken a shower since yesterday. It’s 7 p.m., it’s finally safe to go outside!