Leafs-Devils Recap: Martin Brodeur Outplayed by Vesa Toskala

chris saccoContributor IMarch 4, 2009

Once again, Martin Brodeur is outplayed by the opposing goalie, but comes out on top. In a 3-2 OT win, Brodeur and the Devils managed to squeak by the struggling Leafs, after giving up the lead in the third period.

Vesa Toskala, who faced 52 shots, kept the Leafs in the game, and was clearly the star of the game. Aside from an OT goal that he should have been able to hold on to, Toskala stood on his head. 

Brodeur and the Devils looked just like they always have. Marty saw 32 shots, kept all but a few to the outside, and the defense kept the wall up in front of Marty so he wouldn't have to break a sweat.

I was surprised to see Brodeur face as many shots as he did.