Johan Santana—Everyone Remain Calm!

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IMarch 4, 2009

Memo to everyone—remain calm.
I know as a Mets fan, it's fun to hit the panic button.
I know the Mets can be mecurial.
Elbows are scary.  
Here is what Santana himself says:
"You know what, we're in this thing together and have to take care of everything.   I appreciate everything he [Warthen] is doing. He's trying to protect me and the team. But as of right now my mindset is Opening Day."

The Mets want to protect the guy's arm. That's a good thing. See Ryan Church—concussion—in 2008.

Santana might not pitch until the fifth game. Big deal.

Santana hasn't given up on the opener. Perhaps he'll only be able to pitch six innings, since he'll be a spring start short. Perhaps the Mets will be winning 22 to 1 after six, and it won't matter.

Turn off the radio and remain calm.

Put on YES.  The Yankees trail in the second in a Yankee Classic.  I wonder who wins.