Worst Signings in Sports Pt 1: BR5

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Every professional sports team has had its share of busts, but when they're big money busts, its all the more painful. Its like that car that looked awesome when you bought it, but its now horribly out of style. BR5 decided to break down the Worst Signings in Sports since 2000.

First up is JaMarcus Russell. Russell was one of the most legendary busts in NFL history. After the Raiders getting offered him the most lucrative rookie contract in history, Russell did nothing but disappoint. He only lasted 3 seasons, and cost the Raiders 32 million.

No bad signing list would be complete without talking about Barry Zito. In 2006 Zito signed a mega seven year deal worth a reported 126 million. In return, Barry had consecutive losing seasons, with Zito rarely having an ERA below 4. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers thought signing Larry Hughes might help bring them the championship that Lebron James so desperately sought, but Larry couldn't even get them to the finals. All Larry could muster was a little over 15 points per game, all at the cost of 70 million over 5 years.

Most people don't know who David Boston is. That is, most people outside of the San Diego area. They're unfortunately all too familiar with this bad signing. Boston had a pro bowl year in 2001, but then steadily declined in '02. Somehow the Chargers thought he'd be worth 47 million over 7 years. They were wrong. Boston lasted a year, and was out of football all together in 3.

Next we have the infamous Ryan Leaf. Leaf has gone down as one of the worst signings in history. The Chargers offered him a 31.25 million dollar contract over 4 years, but Leaf just never delivered. He was run out of San Diego in 3 years, and now gets more press for his troubles with the law.

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