Respect in Bloomington: A Prologue

Sixty Feet, Six Inches Correspondent IMarch 4, 2009

Indiana University basketball coach Tom Crean was just on ESPN (Pardon the Interruption, to be specific) and I just wanted to share a few thoughts on Mr. Crean as the Hoosier season winds down. I'm planning on doing a more in-depth look at IU's season in the next week or so, hopefully—I'd like to get it in before I go off to Europe.

IU has been awful this year. Nobody can deny that, and I won't even try. But that was to be expected. Two players from last year remained for this year. I'm pretty sure that no college team (and probably also no pro team) has had such turnover since the Marshall plane crash. Crean has had probably the hardest situation of any coach since Baylor's Scott Drew.

The team has lost. But Crean hasn't wavered. And with good recruiting classes in the near future (starting next year) this team could be good again quicker than most people think.

This team has played hard. It has played with heart. It has won few games, but come close to winning many that a Devin Ebanks or a Jordan Crawford may have influenced. And it has a very, very good coach who is invested in this program. There's not as much to worry about in Bloomington as some may think.

As Crean said in his first press conference, "It's Indiana." That's why he's here. And that —along with five red banners—is the reason why Purdue fans should enjoy their superiority while it lasts.

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