How PSG's Massive Sponsorship Deal Could Affect Future of Ligue 1

Christopher AlmerasCorrespondent IISeptember 20, 2012

The Fly Emirates sponsorship is soon to become a thing of the past for PSG
The Fly Emirates sponsorship is soon to become a thing of the past for PSGPatrick McDermott/Getty Images

Since the Paris Saint-Germain project began, questions surrounding how it will avoid sanctions from the Financial Fair Play have been swirling. The free spending over the summer made it nearly impossible for PSG to show a balancing of the books under the rules.

PSG may have found the solution to its potential issues with the FFP rules.

ESPN Soccernet is reporting that PSG is in talks with a Qatari bank on a new sponsorship deal. The reported sponsorship would be for both jerseys and stadium naming rights. The rumored value of the deal is in the €100 million per year range.

This development should not be a surprise, according to what PSG chairman Nasser el-Khelaifi told ESPN.

"We'll follow the rules," el-Khelaifi said. "Mr. Platini (UEFA's president) said we'll need to be creative. We have a few ideas."

The new sponsorship deal—if completed—would replace the current €3.5 million a year deal with Emirates, reported by The additional money, along with increased jersey sales and the Champions League revenue, will put PSG in the black concerning the FFP.

With the additional money this sponsorship brings to Paris and the wiggle room it gives PSG within the FFP rules, the sky is truly the limit.

This will potentially open the door for more big money expenditures. Can you say Balotelli in January? The burgeoning juggernaut still has more growth potential.

It is a scary situation for the rest of Ligue 1. Concerns over the possibility of Ligue 1 going from a highly competitive league to top heavy are growing with talk of this deal. The chances that the remaining teams in France can keep up with PSG are shrinking.


A look at the majority of Ligue 1 uniforms tells the story of lack of revenue. Most of the squads look like a walking billboard or the side panel of a NASCAR vehicle with all the sponsors fit onto one jersey. Most teams are struggling to land a single major sponsor, so they are resorting to a host of mid-level sponsors to bring in revenue.

The financial disparity across France and Europe looks to be growing each year. The big teams with their exclusive television rights, high-dollar sponsors and jersey revenues are widening the gap over their futbol brethren.

As a fan of Ligue 1, I am excited about the possibilities for PSG. But at the same time, as a fan of futbol in general, I am saddened about the future of the game. FFP rules have the right intentions, but the loopholes in the rules may take away all of its bite.


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