Money Talks: Dawkins Remind Eagles It's a Business (Can't Blame Him)

Ricky ChanContributor IMarch 4, 2009

Money Talks: Dawkins Remind Eagles It's a Business (Can't Blame Him)

It's hard to blame Brian Dawkins for grabbing that one final big contract from Denver at age 35. The NFL is a business. When you know someone who is one of the beloved leaders of the team and wears their colors so proudly, it hard to believe they would leave for money.

You as a fan have that nagging feeling of betrayal. Could Dawkins have stayed for just a tiny bit less? After all Dawkins is clearly not a guy who plays for money. If ever tread a man on NFL fields of the new millennium who respected the game and played for its sake it's Brian Dawkins. He was all business, but never played it like it was.

A pro in every sense, Dawkins made each Eagles fan proud not only for his safety play, but in his ability to communicate with fans and help the community. Andy Reid says he values people like that.

But when it's time to re-up a DB who is turning 36 next season, the seven Pro Bowls don't matter, the goodwill ambassadorship doesn't matter. What matters is the mid-green office calender. And it says sayonara sucker.

The Eagles will not pay a player past his prime. You cannot argue with that business acumen. You should understand that if the Eagles  preferred not to compete with the Broncos in offering Dawkins $7.2 million guaranteed, even tough the Eagles' owner is a hefty $45 million or so under the salary cap and is showing no signs of entering the tepid free-agent market.

So, you really can't blame Dawkins. If the Eagles didn't want him, why stay? He showing signs of aging and $7.2 million is a little bit overpaying for someone who's going to retire soon.