Scouting Report, Analysis and Predictions for Where 5-Star RB Greg Bryant Lands

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 20, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Greg Bryant is an extremely talented five-star running back out of American Heritage High School in Delray Beach, Fla.

He has offers from notable schools such as Auburn, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia according to 247sports, but the Tigers currently hold the top spot on his list.

What exactly is Bryant bringing to the table though? Here's my scouting report on the five-star back, as well as a few thoughts on where I think he'll eventually end up:


Scouting Report

Right off the bat, I can be very confident in saying that Bryant has the best vision and feet out of any running back in the 2013 class.

Notice to the right how Bryant keeps his eyes up and can see his blocks developing even before he hits the hole. This is incredible vision from a young back.

In the next picture you can see his eyes go directly to his cutback lane, and finally in the last shot you can see how he used his speed, cutback ability and most importantly, incredible vision, to set up his block and a big gain. He's really the complete runner.

He has good downhill speed, runs with a low center of gravity and runs low, but he compliments that with incredible field vision and shifty feet that allow him to juke defenders.His feet are always moving, which means he doesn't stop running the ball until you can get him down. At 5'11'', 197 pounds, that's harder than you'd think.

Bryant hits the hole strong and is tough at the line of scrimmage. But once he gets to the linebackers, his array of jukes, athleticism and vision make him almost impossible for just one defender to take down. He'll make a defender miss and then use his speed to get into the open field, and once he's in the clear, he has that sustaining speed and second gear to get him into the endzone.

He's also a natural athlete.

There are highlights of him going up and making a play on the ball as a wide receiver, and his shiftiness and vision make him a dangerous kick returner.


All-in-all, he is arguably the most complete back in this class as far as his skillset is concerned.


As I mentioned earlier, 247sports has the Auburn Tigers on top of his interest list, but he's not the only back interested in them. According to 247sports, running back Derrick Green (five-star with Rivals) also has them on top of his list. The Tigers will snag a top-notch running back, but I have to wonder if all the attention from top-tier backs will have Bryant looking elsewhere.

In this case, a good fit would be his second option, the South Carolina Gamecocks.

South Carolina only has one back committed to their 2013 class in three-star running back Jamari Smith, and there isn't a big time running back on their target list. They've made an offer to Bryant and his running style does remind me a bit of their current star back, Marcus Lattimore.

I believe South Carolina and Bryant would be a good pairing. He'd be playing at an SEC school with championship aspirations, and SC would be getting yet another featured back that can carry their offense.

A lot can change from now until national signing day, but if you're asking me, South Carolina gets a commit from the five-star back.

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