Chris Kunitz Scoring, Sidney Crosby Crying

chris saccoContributor IMarch 4, 2009

Chris Kunitz seems to be the answer the Pens were looking for.

With two goals against Tampa and aggressive forechecking, Kunitz has turned Pittsburgh into a completely different team from a month ago.

With the addition of Kuntiz, Jordan Staal is playing better, and the Talbot-Dupuis-Cooke line is firing on all cylinders. Didn't think I would see this—at least not until next year.

Now the Penguins have added Adams and Guerin to the mix, which could mean an actual run at the playoffs, and a chance to make it past the first round.

As long as Fleury continues on track and gets away from allowing soft goals, Gill and Eaton remember that they are in fact defensemen, and the team actually passes the puck to each other, they might stand a chance.

Seeing the Penguins playing hockey again is a breath of fresh air. Not having to worry about Whitney's lazy play in his own end, and adding some players with grit after losing a bunch, is a turn in the right direction.

However, they still need to address the whining from Crosby.  He gets so caught up with what the other team is doing that it takes away from his game. Not to mention, it is really annoying.

Yes, Ovechkin takes runs at players, especially star players, but it's part of the game. It's going to happen, whether Crosby likes it or not. That is Ovechkin's style and like it or not, it works. Alex always seems to get players off of their game and it creates enough space for him to do what he does. Let Godard and Cooke handle it. STOP CRYING.