Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense Needs a Bomb Shelter

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer ISeptember 20, 2012

TAMPA, FL - DECEMBER 17:  Quarterback Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys passes for a second touchdown in the first quarter  against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers December 17, 2011 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

First thing today, a history lesson for you regarding the "blitz."

The Sunday "blitz" in the NFL, the one the Bucs tried too often last week against the New York Giants and Eli Manning, comes from the term "Blitzkrieg." It was the name given to the tactic used by the German army in World War II.

The "Blitzkreig" involved the use of light, fast tanks, fast planes in the air and fast-moving ground troops. 

"Speed, and still more speed was the secret...and that demanded audacity, more audacity and always audacity," is how Major General Fuller described it.

Today, the United States Special Forces hit their objectives with speed, surprise and violence of action. It happens quickly, typically ending quickly.

Now that you are a bit versed in military history, we move forward to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their upcoming foe, the Dallas Cowboys (who used to be America's team, and maybe they still are in some parts of America). Their quarterback is Tony Romo, who is really good at times, but hasn't been good enough in the playoffs to make Dallas "America's Playoff Team."

The Buccaneers take a road trip this weekend to play in "Jerry's Palace" Sunday and no doubt, a lot of you still see the the fourth quarter of the Giants game in your minds. It was basically an offensive "blitzkreig" because the Buc "blitzkreig" was not fast and there was no element of surprise.

Take away the element of surprise and missions can be done before they start. Same with the defensive "blitz" at this highest level of football.

When there's no surprise and when the pass rush is ineffective, you end up surrendering 243 yards in a quarter—and that's what happened over the final 15 minutes. Manning went nuts, got an afternoon's worth of yardage in one quarter and the Bucs lost a game they could have won.

The Bucs have given up 813 yards in two games, and that lands them squarely at the bottom of the pass defense stats in the NFL.

You think Romo and the Cowboys might want to test that Buccaneer pass defense?

Fact is, Bill Sheridan, the defensive coordinator for Greg Schiano, better build a make-shift bomb shelter for Sunday afternoon. We know what's coming and he should to. You are what your film says you are, and this Buc defense is vulnerable, very vulnerable to the "aerial blitzkreig."

They weren't bad for 30 minutes. The defense bent time after time but didn't break. It held up under assault and there was some surprise element at first. But once the surprise factor wore off, it got ugly.

Past history in the NFL isn't necessarily and indicator of future results, but Romo has fared well against the Bucs. He's passed for 908 yards, 11 touchdowns and hasn't thrown a pick.

That needs to change on Sunday if the Bucs don't want to fall to 1-2.

They are once again a touchdown underdog and this time, Gerald McCoy and his band of merry men need to get to work and get some pressure on the quarterback. Notice to Aqib Talib, Dallas has some pretty good receivers in Miles Austin, the notorious Dez Bryant and the hero of the upset over the Giants, Kevin Ogletree.

It wasn't Talib's fault, the front four gave Manning way to much time to throw the football. It was that simple.

The players from the classic Buccaneer defenses under Tony Dungy will tell you that it all started with pressure up front. The Tampa Two was dependent on that. Heck, any defense is dependent on that.

Football games are won up front, on offense and defense.

The Bucs are pretty decent up front on offense. On defense? That's another story.

Did we mention that needs to change on Sunday?

It better.

Or we best find the nearest bomb shelter and save a place for Bill Sheridan.

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