Top 5 John Cena Shirt Designs

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Top 5 John Cena Shirt Designs

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    John Cena's wardrobe consists of at least 25 WWE produced T-shirts (here is a look through every one over the years). His very first one came in August 2003, changing roughly 2.8 times a year.

    Some may be forgotten (Ruck Fules), others involve his trademark catchphrases.

    Here are my Top 5 John Cena shirt designs. I'm basing them purely on the design of the shirt, not its popularity, or, in the case of his latest shirt, the fact that there is a charity involvement.

    As much as I (and you, I'm sure) want as much money as possible to be raised for this cause, for the purposes of this Top 5, I will solely base my decisions on what's on the shirt.

5. Winged Eagle Cenation

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    This T-shirt took the essence of the old-school winged eagle WWE championship title and made a T-shirt out of it. Though Cena never wore that specific title design as champ, the T-shirt was pretty slick, especially having red with white trim.

4. Word Life, WrestleMania Style

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    I'm a big fan of inspirations from the past, just like my No. 5 pick. In fact, all of my picks in this Top 5 have some sort of nostalgic connection.

    The next two are connected with the WWE in the 80s. This one, with the old WrestleMania logo, rewritten as "Word Life." I like the simple writing on a black shirt.

3. Word Life

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    Longer sleeve shirt, Black and White base colors, big World Wrestling Federation inspired logo (with the "F" cut out.. 'get the "F" out!'), Word Life in letters. Very cool.

2. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect AWA Design

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    This one was the most surprising of all of John Cena's designs...I wouldn't have expected him to give a nod to the AWA with his wardrobe, but sure enough here it is.

    Long time wrestling fans either loved it because he was giving a nod to wrestling's tradition and past, or hated it... because HE was giving a nod to wrestling's tradition and past.

1. Cena NES

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    Easily my favorite John Cena shirt, inspired by the 8-bit Nintendo Game Pro Wrestling. Love the attention to detail, especially the "combo" on the back of the shirt.

    This is a shirt that combines my two nerdy passions (pro wrestling and old school video games), and the only Cena shirt I would wear in public (other than "Rise Above Cancer," but for much different reasons).

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