WWE: Why Mark Henry Is a Great Opponent for CM Punk

Robert AitkenAnalyst ISeptember 23, 2012

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  Mark Henry 'The World's Strongest Man' is introduced during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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CM Punk has put together one of the longest WWE Championship reigns in the history of the prestigious title.

Punk won the championship at Survivor Series last November over Alberto Del Rio and has defended it at every pay-per-view since, as well as some televised title matches on Raw.

His latest title defense came against John Cena in what was officially called a draw after both men had their shoulders on the canvas for a three-count.

Cena has now experienced an injury that has been talked about a lot over the past week.

Even though he will likely be cleared by Hell in a Cell, it isn't certain if Cena will be able to compete at that point, especially when a Hell in a Cell match would be the likely WWE Championship match.

Rushing Cena back from rehab and throwing him in a cell may be a bit unnecessary, especially with the stretch run to WrestleMania really beginning in November at Survivor Series.

After their fantastic WWE Championship matches, what could possibly help settle their feud quite like an Iron Man match? It could also be a fantastic selling point for Survivor Series.

The build of the match, including the promos for the event and puns using the Survivor Series title, just about writes itself.

It would be a big way to build a major pay-per-view that disappointed expectations for buy rates the year before. It would also remind fans that The Rock is looming at Royal Rumble just two months later.

If it isn't wise to throw John Cena into the Hell in a Cell WWE Championship match, who will be the opponent to face CM Punk?

If Punk is supposed to be given great tests and seem unlikely to hold onto his title much longer, then the logical place to turn is the age-old trick of putting the small champion against a colossal man.

Big Show would be a logical opponent for Punk, but he may be a better fit for World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus instead.

The sights for Punk's new opponent would be better adjusted to Mark Henry, the World's Strongest Man.

It has been a year since Mark Henry was a world champion for the first time in his career.

Knowing the personal struggles that Henry went through to get back into shape and keep himself healthy made his title reign that much sweeter. Even fans could root for Henry to succeed and use his Hall of Pain to finally reach the top.

Since losing the title, Henry's character has been strapped for guidance, but one of his major moves after his reign was facing Punk for the WWE Championship.

This was back during the John Laurinaitis days on Raw. Punk was incredibly popular, Laurinaitis was a polarizing character and a great boss to hate, while Henry was a big man that was hard to deny a chance to.

Henry would face Punk a few times, all on episodes of Raw, while Punk tried to fend off the gigantic man and overcome the obstacles from his mean-spirited boss.

This time around, things would be a little bit different. Punk is now yearning for respect and seems to have lost the support of a lot of the WWE Universe.

With Paul Heyman on his side now, Punk seems more concerned with being one of the all-time greats in WWE history. It's no wonder that he says he is the "Best in the World." That idea of demanding respect from people sure seems familiar.

That was what Henry was demanding from people last year. It was a bit more physical from Henry to beat the respect out of people.

Henry's anger stemmed from his long career with a lack of respect from the rest of the company. Henry finally claimed that it was his time in what could be considered like his version of Punk's infamous shoot promo.

Henry put his hands on Jerry Lawler, much like Punk did not too long ago. Henry was not afraid to take on anyone and have his dangerous offense speak for itself. Henry would be full of trash talk throughout the match, refusing to be intimidated by other superstars.

The matchup of Henry and Punk could make for two men still demanding respect and wishing to be the WWE Champion.

Mark Henry does not even need to be cheered or regarded as a babyface by anyone. He can just simply be a guy who is angry and wishes to destroy CM Punk inside a Hell in a Cell match.

Punk's unique place with his character right now really blurs the line between who is truly good and who is truly bad. Some will look at Henry and hope that Punk's reign ends, while others will not appreciate Henry's destructive behavior and lack of respect.

Henry and Punk put together great matches for the masses on TV. It wouldn't be too much to request the same thing for the upcoming Hell in Cell pay-per-view as fans await him to return to the ring.

Henry was good enough to retain his World Heavyweight Championship in his only Hell in a Cell appearance.

Even if Henry's immediate future following the match is uncertain, it would sure make for a nice main-event spot for Henry in the twilight of the 41-year-old's career.