WWE News: Analyzing Ryback's Possible Path to the Top

Travis WakemanFeatured Columnist IVSeptember 19, 2012

Photo courtesy of prowrestlingpowerhouse.com
Photo courtesy of prowrestlingpowerhouse.com

The chants ring out every time Ryback appears on WWE television—"Goldberg, Goldberg, Goldberg!" Perhaps there can be many parallels drawn between he and the former WCW and WWE World champion and—much like Goldberg—Ryback is on his way to the top.

After being placed in handicap matches with enhancement talent for several weeks, Ryback was fed inferior talent such as Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins and Jinder Mahal. But now, the "Feed me more" chant is starting to catch on and drown out the people who insist on referring to him as "that other guy."

WWE is taking notice.

This past Monday night on Raw, Ryback crashed the debut segment of "Miz Tv," destroying the set and leaving The Miz looking more than a little worried. Is a shot at the WWE Intercontinental title in the future of Ryback? It would certainly appear that way.

WWE has been very calculated by slowly building Ryback up and not giving him too much, too soon. Now is the perfect time to launch him into the upper echelon of the WWE.

Since the Goldberg comparisons are seemingly endless, Ryback is still undefeated on WWE TV, much the way Goldberg was when he went to 75-0 after defeating Raven back in 1998 to win the United States title.

WWE is patterning Ryback similar to the way Goldberg was. Part of the reason Goldberg was so successful is that up until his first World title win, the build was perfect.

If WWE elects to put the Intercontinental title on Ryback, it will be one more step towards the top of the mountain. The next step will be claiming one of the main straps.

In his time as Intercontinental champion, Ryback should take on and extinguish all challengers until the only thing left is the WWE or World Heavyweight title. But when Goldberg won his first World title in WCW, he did so by taking it from the number one heel in the company—Hollywood Hogan.

Now I'm not saying WWE should turn Ryback into Goldberg version 2.0, but many of the fans already see him as such. What I am saying is that WWE has already played it smart with their next big superstar and it wouldn't hurt to revisit history in the way he is booked.

WrestleMania 29 will still be too early, but next year's Summerslam could be a great target date to put this man in one of the main events and end the night by giving him the strap.

Ryback has the potential to be one of the biggest superstars WWE has put out in years and the company likely knows that.

Feed him more...feed him much more.