New York Yankees' Spring Training Grades, Game 8

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New York Yankees' Spring Training Grades, Game 8

So a bunch of nobodies are playing for the Yankees in Spring Training. Sure, a lot of their starters aren't playing but the team must be graded. The New York Yankees lost to the Atlanta Braves by a score of 3-2. Since the Yankees lost and they scored only two runs, you can't expect big time grades.

A Johnny Damon

I have to grade this game on a sliding scale. Damon went 1 for 2 with 1 rbi and a walk. That's pretty good considering the Yankees lost.

B + Dan Giese

Giese let in an earned run in 3 innings of work and had 3 strike outs and scored a run after hitting a two-out single. That's pretty good for 3 innings.

B Xavier Nady

He went 1 for 3 with 1 run scored. It's weird that he hasn't hit well all spring and he contributes to a game that no one else does.

C Juan Miranda

C is the perfect grade for Juan Miranda. He didn't get any hits but he did get an rbi and he took one for the team by getting a hit by pitch.

C  - Angel Berroa

Sure, he got a hit but he also struck out and got caught stealing. Next!

F Ian Kennedy

Is this going to be the same Ian Kennedy as last year? He gave up two earned runs on three hits in 3 innings of work. I get the feeling he would of let more runs in if he pitched more innings.

Player Of The Game: Johnny Damon

Who else would it be? He was only one of the two regulars that started and it showed.

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